Sam Levinson, What Has He Done Apart From Euphoria?

After the end of the second season of “Euphoria”, viewers were eager to learn more about this story

Sam Levinson and a frame of Euphoria

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After the end of the second season of “Euphoria”, viewers were eager to learn more about this story. While you await the arrival of the third season, we recommend other productions from the creator of the series, Sam Levinson, that you should not miss.

The “Euphoria” series is a look at the adolescent experience in today’s world. It focuses on topics such as mental health, family conflicts, abusive relationships, sexuality, violence, and drug use.

Sam Levinson, the director and screenwriter of “Euphoria”, offers a production with an aesthetic proposal meticulous in detail and a story full of intense situations. All this is accompanied by a cast that shines in its interpretations and a soundtrack that fits in an incredible way with the narrative of the series. Together the critics and the public have praised this production.

The second season premiered earlier this year on HBO Max and the series is once again a success with critics and the public. In this new installment, we learn about the fate of Rue after breaking up with Jules and relapsing into drug abuse; the plans of Nate, who begins a relationship with Cassie, the best friend of his ex-girlfriend. We also see a bond forged between Fezco and Lexie, among other stories.

The recent publication of the final episode of the season left viewers eager to learn more about this story. However, they will have to wait a year or two for their next installment. While the third season arrives, we tell you what other titles from the creator of “Euphoria” you can’t miss.

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Another Happy Day

In “Another Happy Day” we meet Lynn Hellman, a woman who, due to the wedding of one of her children, will have to meet with several members of her family and her ex-husband. An experience that will not be pleasant for her, nor simple, since there is a history of abuse with his former partner and the relationship with his parents and siblings is delicate. She will also be dealing with a son with drug use problems, a daughter who hurts herself by cutting, and another son with Asperger’s.

“Another Happy Day” is a story about burdens and pain. The film talks about a family that has created a dynamic conducive to the flourishing of traumas and anguish in its members.

This film was Levinson’s debut as a director, who also wrote the screenplay. The main cast is made up of Ellen Barkin, Kate Bosworth, Ellen Burstyn, Thomas Haden Church, Jeffrey DeMunn, George Kennedy, Demi Moore and a young Ezra Miller.

Its world premiere was at the Film Festival of Sundance on January 23, 2011.

“Malcolm & Marie”

The film is born in 2020, during the early stages of the pandemic. Written and directed by Levinson. Only two actors participate in it: Zendaya and John David Washington, who with their performances are responsible for carrrying the entire film.

The production is filmed in black and white. It shows us the story of a couple made up of Malcolm, a filmmaker, and Marie, an actress who has gone through rehabilitation after serious drug problems. After the premiere ceremony of a Malcolm movie, the couple finds themselves alone in a country house. There is a growing tension between them that soon turns into an intense discussion with comings and goings throughout the night. This conflict will touch on issues such as the process of making Malcolm’s film and the areas dark of the relationship of the protagonists. It is a film that speaks both of love and of artistic creation. He reflects on love ties, emotional wounds, cinema and criticism.

With “Malcolm & Marie” Sam Levinson reaffirms his ability to portray strong and overwhelming emotions. The film places us in the middle of a discussion in which love shares space with frustration, anger and disenchantment.

The proposal of “Malcolm & Marie” will be captivating if you enjoyed in “Euphoria” the scenes in which the discussions were the central axis and became a space for the characters, out of anger or frustration, to show the most private of their internal world .

Reflective looks at mental health, addiction problems, self-destructive behaviors and conflictive relationships are a constant in these Sam Levinson productions. Watching the films mentioned not only allows you to enjoy stories with a remarkable artistic quality, but also shows how this creator has dealt with several of the themes that he takes up in “Euphoria” from different angles.

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