Scarlett Johansson and other cases of artists who have sued producers

Scarlett Johansson's Lawsuit Is Nothing New, As Several Artists Have Brought Their Producers To Justice.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit adds to the list of several artists who have brought their producers to justice. Photo: Wikimedia-JCS

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The protagonist of Black Widow argued that she had "a promise" from Marvel, which made the film exclusive for cinema (since a large part of her salary comes from there) and that after 90 days, it would be promoted in other media and formats, a period of time that is traditionally expected. As she says,  this "promise" wasn't fulfilled and the launch of the film was simultaneous with the release on the streaming platform.

The day after the complaint was filed by Ms. Johansson, the co-president of the Creative Arts Agency (CAA) and representative of the actress, Bryan Lourd, issued a statement accusing the company of having transferred deliberately streamlining income and profits in their favor, leaving artistic and financial partners out of "their new equation." He further added that "the company included her salary in its press release in an attempt to weaponize her success as an artist and entrepreneur, as if that was something he should be ashamed of."


Actor presents serious accusations to the Los Angeles Court

This is the case of the British actor and producer, Gerard Butler, who along with his legal team filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Los Angeles. The cause is due to fraud, breach of contract, corruption of an implicit agreement of good faith and fair treatment, intentional interference with contractual relationships, and accounting against the production companies of the film " Olympus has fallen " Nu Image, Millennium Films and FortyFour Studios .

The plaintiff and his attorneys allege that he is owed more than $ 10 million in earnings.


Kesha denounces her former producer for sexual abuse

The singer sued Dr. Luke in October 2014 for sexual abuse, violence and emotional abuse. She also demanded to terminate her recording contract with him and his company, linked to Sony. The artist said the producer repeatedly drugged her and said she was frustrated at "not having creative control" over her music. The case continues in court despite the fact that in 2016, a New York judge dismissed the artist's allegations of abuse, stating that she had to fulfill the contract with Kemosabe Records.



Despite not having broken the contract. In July 2017 the artist released the single "Praying" from the album "Raimbow", in which she refers to what she experienced with a producer, without naming him. Gottwald no longer works for the company and has denied the allegations made by Kesha.

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Paulo Londra sued producer for fraud

The Argentine singer Paulo Londra, in 2020, filed an accusation of fraud against his producer Big Ligas, who has his musical rights, both in songs and in his voice, until 2025. The cause is still active at the moment. Multiple artists related to trap music and other genres manifested themselves through social networks in repudiation of the situation in which the influencer finds himself in. 

In 2018, Paulo Londra became the Argentine artist with the most views on YouTube and Spotify, breaking all kinds of records at the age of twenty.


Several actresses reported having received sexual abuse and harassment by Harvey Weinstein

The producer and founder of the independent film production company Miramax – which has brought to the screen big hits like Pulp Fiction, The English Patient, among others – in 2017, was accused of sexual abuse by several Hollywood actresses, including Ashley Judd. Following Judd's accusations, Rose McGowan slammed the women for their silence on the incidents. Through these sayings, more than 80 women have argued against the inappropriate sexual conduct of the employer.

On February 24, 2020, a jury convicted Weinstein of two of the five counts against him, one count of criminal sexual assault in the first degree and one count of rape in the third degree. The jury found him not guilty of predatory sexual assault, a charge for which he could have been sentenced to life in prison. On March 11 of the same year, after a hearing, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. The condemned man still faces a criminal trial in Los Angeles on similar charges.

Justice is expected to act effectively in each of the cases that are still awaiting resolutions, and that the victims resolve their situations in a beneficial and fruitful way for those who correspond, as ruled.

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