Schedule Yourself! Calendar Of Concerts In Latin America For 2022

2022 will be the year of great festivals and shows in Latin America. Here are the most important

Dua Lipa, Coldplay and Metallica

2022 will be the year of concerts in Latin America. Photos: Dua Lipa, Coldplay, Metallica

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2022 will be the year of concerts in Latin America. Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, and Dua Lipa have been the strongest announcements for the region in recent weeks. In addition, they are the reason that many are taking advantage of their savings.

Dua Lipa

In Dua Lipa's case, her arrival is notable given that "Future Nostalgia" was the most listened to album of 2020 and the second most listened to 2021 on Spotify. He arrives in Latin America with the tour of this album that was delayed by the pandemic.

Rio de Janeiro (September 11), Buenos Aires (September 14), Santiago (September 16), Bogotá (September 18), Mexico City (September 21), and Monterrey (September 23) will be the privileged cities to have the British pop star.


Coldplay will be the other great show that the region will have and it is no wonder. After collaborating with Selena Gomez and BTS, the band was encouraged to tour "Music Of The Spheres", their latest studio album. Their return weighs heavily among their fans, as the group's last tour in the region was in 2016.

San José (March 18 and 19), Santo Domingo (March 22), Monterrey (March 25 and 26), Guadalajara (March 29), Mexico City (April 3 and 4), Rio de Janeiro (10 September), Bogotá (September 17), Lima (September 20), Santiago (September 23 and 24) Buenos Aires (September 25, 26, 28 and 29) were the cities chosen by the band.

Maroon 5

After the Super Bowl halftime show, Maroon 5 greatly expanded its audience and although it canceled shows in Colombia, the band remains firm with its 2022 tour in Latin America.

The band will perform in Santo Domingo (March 26), San Juan (March 28), Mexico City (March 30), Monterrey (April 1), Sao Paulo (April 5), Porto Alegre (April 6) ), Buenos Aires (April 8), Asunción (April 10), San José (April 13) and Punta Cana (April 16).

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Lous Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson also signed up among the great artists who will come to the region and continue to sell out in each scheduled city. The former One Direction will be promoting "Walls", his debut album and at the moment it will be his first solo tour.

The Latin American cities chosen were Santiago (May 15 and 16), Asunción (May 19), Buenos Aires (May 21 and 22), Montevideo (May 24), Rio de Janeiro (May 27), Sao Paulo ( May 28 and 29), Lima (June 1), Bogotá (May 3), Alajuela (May 5) San Juan (May 8), Monterrey (June 11) Guadalajara (June 12) and Ciudad de Mexico (June 14, 15 and 17).


2021 was a very controversial year for Metallica with "The Metallica Blacklist", an album in which 53 artists came together to pay tribute to the band. This release caused controversy due to the collaboration with J Balvin, which was unexpected.

However, the band was encouraged to put together a tour that apparently continues its scheduling process in Latin America. At the moment, the band is confirmed in Santiago (April 27), Buenos Aires (April 30), Porto Alegre (May 5), Curitiba (May 7), Sao Paulo (May 10), and Belo Horizonte (May 12).

Big festivals

On the other hand, the region will enjoy large-scale festivals such as the versions of Lollapalooza, which will be held in Santiago and Buenos Aires from March 18 to 20, and Sao Paulo (from March 25 to 27) with Miley Cyrus, The Strokes, Doja Cat, Foo Fighters, ASAP Rocky and Martin Garrix with the main shows. The Festival Estéreo Picnic de Bogotá (March 25-27) will have almost the same headliners, only with the absence of Miley Cyrus –who will perform alone (March 21).

Brazil's Rock In Rio (September 8-11) will also feature a luxury lineup with Justin Bieber, Guns N 'Roses, Iron Maiden, Post Malone, among others. Mexico, with another edition of Vive Latino in Mexico City (March 19 and 20) will feature mainly Limp Bizkit, C. Tangana, and Black Pumas. On the other hand, Tecate Pal Norte (April 1 and 2) in Monterrey will have The Strokes, Martin Garrix, and Maroon 5 as headliners. Paraguay's Asuncionico will have Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters, Doja Cat, and MGK as headliners, but the festival will only have two days of action.

Other big names known to be on schedule and reschedule in Latin America are Kiss, Harry Styles, and Greta Van Fleet.

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