Scream 5: A Return To Form

One of the most popular franchises of recent times has released its fifth film. Here are our impressions of Scream 5.

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Scream 5 is a real box office success. The fifth installment of the Slasher franchise has achieved 30.6 million dollars at the box office during its premiere in the United States. This means that it has dethroned Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Belonging to the horror genre, Scream 5 was unnoticed until it was released. After some sequels that have not been very successful, the saga seemed to have the need to reinvent itself, but at the same time to return to the bases that made it successful in its first edition, in 1996.

Well, this movie has done just that. Not only does it surprise, maintaining the ironic character of the saga, but it also manages to represent that formula that had been lost in the experimentations that took place in the sequels. 

The success of Scream 5

The first thing to mention is that Scream 5 is not afraid to reclaim its past. Actually , the production is self-aware and seeks to emulate the success achieved in the 1990s. However, it is not a poorly executed tribute: on the contrary, it is rather successful, since it respects the essence of its structure.

The film prioritizes entertainment, something that had not been achieved with the sequels. Let us remember that, despite belonging to the horror genre, Scream had achieved a very characteristic humor. It combined cynicism with a dark aura and a large dose of black humor.

In this sense, Scream 5 brings new things, but always within the bases built on The first delivery. For example, the dark chase with a brutal assailant immediately reminds us of the original film, but here it gets a breath of fresh air, without needing to be an imitation.

There is also a key point, which has to do with the share of horror and even gore in this saga . In this fifth edition, mutilations and murders are plentiful However, he does it in a justified way, always thinking about what is best for the script.

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Remember that Wes Craven, creator of the Scream saga, died in 2015. Therefore , since then it was not known how well it would be done in the future. Well, the direction of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett has been the right one, because they pay homage to the author, with quality dialogues and a story that does not betray itself.

In large part, this is also because the original cast is back. Actors like David Arquette, Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell returned as Dewey, Sidney and Gale. However, the appearance of these figures serves to give way to the new, as there are also faces that we did not know.

Thus, the step towards the “new generation” is very well constructed. This can be seen with Melisa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, who perfectly play the Carpenter sisters. The choice of casting was a great success, because we are not bothered by their appearance on screen, nor do we believe that they steal minutes from the protagonists of the previous films.

In the same way, Scream also repeats the formula that , how could it be otherwise, is based on catching and unmasking the murderer. At this point, viewers may be able to deduce who is behind the deaths, especially if they have been fans of the previous films.

This is not a mistake though, because at no time does it feel like a repetition of the past, but rather the past here appears to open the doors to the future. In addition, there is an essential detail of this saga that is squeezed as much as possible here: the self-references, since the film hooks the audience with the inside jokes.

In conclusion, Scream serves perfectly as a natural passage to a new generation of characters in the saga. Although it maintains many elements of the original film (it is the most similar of all the sequels), it also reinvents itself enough so that, in the future, we can see a high quality Scream 6. We hope you can enjoy it!

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