Season 3 of “Euphoria” Is Coming: We Analyze the Character of Nate

Euphoria season three is coming up. The stormy relationships in the series have sparked many comments, here we analyze one in particular .

Nate in Euphoria

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In February 2022, HBO confirmed the third season of the popular "Euphoria" series . After the overwhelming success of its second season, the series must continue. Warner Media commented that the first chapter of the long-awaited second season was more viral on social networks than the end of "Game of Thrones".

In season 1 and 2 the development of the characters has been seen. Although many things remain unfinished in the lives of Rue, Jules, Maddy, Cassie, Maddy, Lexi, and the others, according to Heidi Bivens ("Euphoria's" costume designer) the plot of this new season has a time jump of 5 years.

Even the release date is uncertain, it is expected to be at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2024. The followers of the series look forward to seeing how the events that triggered the work made by Lexi end up unfolding, the relationships that are being born and some more stormy ones, like Cassie, Maddy and Nate's, which we'll talk about next.

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Nate and the High Value Man Figure

For some time you can see a growing wave of videos, posts, pages and entire books that talk about how to be a man of high value. An aspirational model of a modern man who gets what he wants, without neglecting empathy and his personal values.

But can this ideal negatively affect? Much of this content offers tips to be considered a desirable man and to attract a woman who has the same symbolic value in society.

On the other hand, books like "He's not that interested, he's just spending time" show how this concept is distorted for some men and how this can influence women who relate to this type of person. In the case of Nate's character, a popular young man, an athlete who seems to lack nothing in life, there is evidence of a distortion of the ideals proposed for a man of high value. Nate becomes a person who gets everything he wants through emotional manipulation and the destruction of his partners, something evident in his relationship with Maddy, but glaring in his bond with Cassie.

Both Maddy and Cassie develop a dependent relationship with Nate. In part, due to manipulation techniques such as negging or gaslighting, which seek to affect the emotional and mental stability of the other person. This in order to make it more manipulable and generate a dependency.

It is worrisome that “attraction techniques” rub against this type of practice. When a man who aspires to be “high value” does not question some seduction strategies, or does not really know what he wants in a matter of relationships, it is common for the self-esteem of the women with whom he is related to be modified.

Erratic behaviors like Cassie's are a perfect example of how a stormy relationship can destroy a person's stability. In the second season, it can be seen how she tries to continue to attract Nate's attention, changing her clothing style and some of her behaviors to fit the tastes of her "ideal" man.

For this third season of "Euphoria", there are many open stories with which they can work for each chapter. We hope that you can delve a bit into the resolution of these interpersonal conflicts and the process of recovering your self-esteem that Cassie and many other characters in the series will have to go through.

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