Semi-permanent manicure: is it the best option for your nails?

There are different alternatives at hand that promise bright and colorful nails for longer: choose the best option for you with these important facts

Semi-permanent manicure: is it the best option for your nails?

The semi-permanent manicure with gel polishess has taken the hands of women who do not have time to go every week to the hairdresser, beauty salon, or spa. This new trend, which according to Liliana Franco, creator of the Super Wow nail spa franchise, is essential for women, is also one of the most requested manicures in the business because "It is characterized by the prolonged duration of polish that does not harm the natural nail does not weaken it either" and also because it is a cheaper system than acrylic nails.

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For this reason, and in order not to leave aside the step by step carried out during a traditional manicure, the specialists also file, cut and apply a cuticle remover to later remove the skin that grows around the nail. Thus, the application of this technique only differs from the traditional one in the type of base, polisg and gloss used, which dries in seconds under the UV light of a Led lamp.

However, despite the practicality offered by this new technique, there are many myths that have been created around it. Here we explain the pros and cons.



Semi-permanent manicure makes the nails look brighter than traditional polish. Likewise, its color remains intact until the end, because in reality it is only removed when the nail has grown. In the same way, this type of manicure is very versatile, because in spas like Super Wow it is possible to resort to different polishes such as the Glow it neon (which lights in the dark), the iron shine (consisting of a variety of metallic tones), the temp colors (which change color with temperature), and others that provide effects such as the chameleon, and the mirror. Likewise, the technique can be accompanied by digital decoration.  

Duration and resistance

Up to more than fifteen days a manicure with gel polish can last. Because of this it has become the best alternative for women travelers who do not have time to go to the hairdresser. This is what specialist Roxani Kramer says: "The glaze lasts for a very long time, for two to three weeks and even longer. It all depends on the growth of the client's nails".


Its drying is immediate. That is, unlike a traditional manicure, which can be damaged in the way from the manicure chair to the exit door of the hairdresser, this manicure allows you to resume work immediately, because once it is put under the rays of the UV lamp, the nails come out dry. Therefore, in the words of Franco, "With this technique we left behind the idea of ​​staying static for several minutes so as not to damage our polish due to slow drying."


The type of nail

While semi-permanent manicures can be a great option for all women, some have weaker nails. However, that only happens in two cases. When the client suffers from diseases such as thyroid (a condition that affects the dermis, nails and hair) or when the client starts the semipermanent and with it the first layer of the nail. "I have clients who married the semi-permanent because instead of weakening the nails, they became very hard. But there are others that tear off the semi permanent and the first layer of the nail, and those that suffer from thyroid. This type of clients will always have weak nails and that is why one suggests they rest", says specialist Roxani Kramer.

It is more difficult to remove

Removing semi-permanent polish is not as easy as using a traditional polish. To remove it implies to pass the file on the nail to remove the shine, and later to wrap them with cotton moistened with a specialized remover and aluminum paper. It is undoubtedly a procedure that is almost always carried out by an expert manicurist.

Procedure outside the home

As its drying is under a Led light lamp, this type of manicure is most often done in nail spas and beauty salons. The cause is not only justified by the value of the lamp, which is only available in specialized stores of beauty products, but also because, besides being a little expensive, having it does not mean achieving a perfect manicure. This technique is a more complex process than a traditional manicure, because for each layer of polish applied to the nail, the phalanges must be inserted under the lamp in order to dry the nail.


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