Sick Of Spotify? Here are 5 alternatives

Are you tired of Joe Rogan? Here are 5 great alternatives to Spotify

Are you tired of Joe Rogan? Here are 5 great alternatives to Spotify

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The constant fake news and misinformation about Covid-19 continue to be the order of the day, even at the beginning of 2022. Now the center of the controversy has moved to Spotify, which in recent days has lost thousands of million dollars and 12% of its shares due to the podcast directed by Joe Rogan on the streaming platform and whose main theme has been based on anti-vaccine content.

The comedian has had several controversial guests such as cardiologist Peter McCullough, who claimed that vaccines against Covid-19 are “experimental”;and virologist Robert Malone, who was banned from Twitter for disinformation about the pandemic. This triggered a wave of rejection and people canceling their subscriptions on Spotify, not to mention that artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchel chose to remove their content from the platform unless it canceled the program.

It is worth mentioning that “The Joe Rogan Experience” is Spotify’s most listened to podcast in the US and UK. That is why the platform has decided to keep the program of the controversial comedian, especially for the 100 million dollars they signed in 2020 for an exclusivity contract.

To all this, we must add Joe Rogan’s responses to the criticism he has received from artists on Spotify. “I’m not trying to promote disinformation, I’m not trying to be controversial. I’ve never tried to do anything with this podcast other than talk to people and have interesting conversations,” Rogan said in a video posted on his Instagram. For now, both the comedian and the streaming platform will maintain the bond that unites them, with the only novelty being that a content warning will be added before each episode.

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What are What are the best alternatives to replace Spotify?

Regardless of whether you are for or against the measure taken by Spotify in this situation, at LatinAmerican Post we have prepared an interesting guide for that you know other music platforms that could fit your budget and interests. Here are the 5 best alternatives!

Apple Music< /strong>

Another of the great products presented by the company. Introduced in 2015, Apple Music is now available in more than 150 countries, has more than 85 million songs and has approximately more than 50 million paid subscribers.

What are its pros? Beyond real-time lyrics, recommendations, personalized playlists and the possibility of listening to it from your Apple Watch, this platform wanted to innovate with three interesting services : “Discover”, a section that will give you access to the entire Apple Music gallery instantly; “Radio”, with channels and stations available 24 hours a day; and “Connect”, a kind of exclusive Apple social network where you can enjoy content from your favorite artists.

And the cons? Unlike Spotify, a detail that you might not like is the audio quality. While the music giant plays at 320 kbps, Apple Music plays at 256 kbps.

What prices does it offer? The three-month free trial is the most attractive offer you’ll find here. To do this you must register on their website and then choose the plan that suits you best: Student ($2.99 ​​per month), Individual ($5.99) and Family ($8.99).


This platform created since 2007 has been active by two French Its growth so far has been so positive that it already exceeds 16 million registered users, not to mention that it is also available in 180 languages. To enjoy this service you must register on its website, which is very simple to navigate and with easy access to what you want.

What are its pros? More prominently, Deezer allows you to send music to other users, access thematic and smart radios, download and store MP3 files, watch videos, as well as discover new musical artists from all over the world.

And the cons? Although there is a free plan, the only way to enjoy an unforgettable experience, free of ads, and the possibility of listening to unlimited music, offline and in high fidelity, is to pay for a plan.

What prices do you offer? Deezer offers three plans for the convenience of its users: Family ($17.99 per month + 1 month free), which provides 6 individual accounts and that can be listened to simultaneously on several devices; the Premium ($10.99 + 1 month free), free of ads and with high-fidelity sound; and the Free at no cost, but with certain disadvantages.


According to the company itself, they pay the highest percentage of royalties to music artists and composers within the streaming music market. Tidal was launched in 2014 by Norwegian company Aspiro, which was acquired by rapper Jay-Z in 2015 and sparked a massive social media movement from various artists. Today it is available in more than 56 countries and has more than 70 million songs.

What are its pros? Paying more for higher quality is what it offers Tidal. Among its biggest advantages, we find that the minimum sound quality is 320 kbps, while the most expensive plan streams music in the form of 16-bit FLAC files at 44.1 kHz with a bit rate of 1411 kbps. In addition to having a larger library than Spotify, it also has more than 75,000 music videos and movies.

And its cons? The main disadvantage of this streaming service is that It does not have a free plan, although it does have a free 30-day trial period. Therefore, if you want to access high-quality content on this streaming service, you will have to pay for a plan.

What prices does it offer? With only $9.99 per month you can enjoy Tidal Premium, while for $19.99 you will have at your disposal the Tidal HiFi plan, which although it is more expensive than Spotify Premium, has greater advantages in terms of sound and video quality. In addition, it also has a 50% discount for its different plans.

Amazon Music

Since its official launch in 2007, Amazon Music has grown exponentially. In 2008 it became the first online music store without digital rights management (DRM) of four renowned music brands. According to the company itself, they have overcome the barrier of 50 million subscribers.

What are its pros? One important detail is that, like Tidal, it offers lossless music for audiophiles, so the experience will be more than gratifying thanks to its 3730 kbps FLAC files that will offer you a sound with greater clarity and quality. Likewise, the design of its platform is intuitive and with some improvements compared to Spotify, such as the organization of music according to its genre.

And its cons? Unlike other platforms, you won’t find podcasts or music videos here. On the other hand, two other disadvantages that could disappoint are the limited hours (40) of music per month and that you cannot create personalized playlists either.

What prices do you offer? With the possibility of trying it free for 30 days, Amazon Music offers you two plans: Unlimited for only $7.99 per month, and Prime for $12.99.

YouTube Music

It should be noted that YouTube Music was the fastest-growing music platform in 2020, according to researchers at MIDiA Research. This music streaming service developed by YouTube was launched in 2015, and five years later it became Google’s only music service. Today it has a greater presence in Latin America compared to its competitors.

What are its pros? This platform has advantages similar to others, but its main attraction is the wide catalog of songs and video clips, as expected. In addition to that, with YouTube Music it is possible to listen to multiple covers of the same song and even to amateur musicians who have uploaded their creations to the platform.

And its cons? Other than the invasive ads that you can only avoid by paying a plan, its disadvantages are its low audio quality (128 kbps), poorly developed algorithms, and a simple interface with limited features.

¿ What prices does it offer? Although it is possible to have YouTube Music for free, the only drawback would be its constant ads. To avoid the latter, in addition to being able to play in the background, the platform offers its Premium service at a rate of $12.99 per month, in addition to a family plan ($19.99), for students ($7.99) and the basic ($9.99)

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