Six Emerging Latin American Artists You Should Follow In 2022

2022 promises to be the year in which emerging Latin American artists consolidate. These are six that you should not lose from your radar.

Zoe Gotusso and Marco Mares

With 2022 just around the corner, we have selected a list of six emerging Latin American artists who promise to be highly recognized starting next year. Photos: YT-Zoe Gotusso, YT-Marco Mares

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With 2022 just around the corner, we have selected a list of six emerging Latin American artists who promise to be highly recognized starting next year.

Paula Arenas (Colombia)

The 33-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter is the owner of a prodigious voice and began her career almost a decade ago when she released her first EP. From there, and as an independent artist, She has become one of the most significant and recognized voices of Colombian pop. In 2017 she was nominated for the Latin Grammy in the Best New Artist category, 2018 she released her first album, called "Visceral" and in 2020 she was presented at the Viña del Mar Song Festival in Chile. Recently, she released her new EP called "Mis Amores", with which she received 4 nominations at the Latin Grammy this year, being one of the most nominated women at the event. It has to be on your 2022 radar because it continues to grow by leaps and bounds, it is preparing new record material and it is nominated for a Grammy for its EP "Mis Amores" in the Best Latin Pop Album category.

Lucas Piraino (Chile)

Lucas is 26 years old and has a career that began on Chilean television, when in 2016 he participated in the successful program "The Voice Chile", in the team led by Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi. From there, the composer and musician released his first single called "Háblame Suavecito", which managed to be a hit with the public. He traveled to Barcelona in 2018 to later release his new song. By 2020 he returned to Chile and premiered two romantic songs for a Chilean program and that same year he was surprised when he revealed "Te Lloro", an intimate and emotional pop ballad.

For this year he returned to release a material that is the beginning of his next album; "Five minutes", in which he talks about bisexuality, self-discovery, and breaking labels. The Chilean should be followed in 2022 because whenever he releases a new song, he surprises with his particular style, his authentic voice, and the diversity of genres that he manages to address.

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Zoe Gotusso (Argentina)

24-year-old Zoe Gottuso began her career when she was part of the Argentine duo Salvapantallas in 2016. Her solo career officially began in 2019, when she showed the world her first album, "Mi primer día triste," consisting of ten songs. That album would earn her recognition in her country, on digital platforms, and also internationally. She received two nominations for this year's Latin Grammy Awards and was featured in the Best New Artist category. With a well-defined alternative indie-pop style and a tour of Spain, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, and countless places in Argentina. 2022 for Zoe Gotusso can only bring positive things.

Giulia Be (Brazil)

With more than 3 million monthly listeners on the Spotify music platform and only 22 years old, Giulia Be has become one of the most relevant Brazilian singers of recent times. The artist from Rio de Janeiro began at an early age to play the piano and compose songs in Spanish, English, and Portuguese and became popular through the covers that she posted on YouTube of different songs that she liked (in 2018 she reached visibility).

In recent months he published three singles and participated in the latest edition of the Latin Grammy (like other artists on this list). This made her the youngest Brazilian to be nominated for these awards and in one of the most coveted categories such as Best New Artist. In 2022, more is expected of his music, and that it continues to revolutionize digital platforms.

Adrián Bello (Peru)

In constant growth, at the age of 31, Adrián Bello has one of the most hopeful voices in Peru and is pursuing an independent career that little by little manages to reach more people. His first album "Apprentice" made him known in his native country and in the following years and due to collaborations with Jósean Log, Ximena Sariñana, and the Colombian Esteman, he has made his way to the entire continent. Chameleonic as he defines himself and explores different styles, this year he has enchanted with songs like "Brasil", "Una noche más" (collaboration with Esteman), "Todo lo que sube" and "Tell me what you want"; and his 2022 seems to continue on that incredible path of captivating those who listen to it.

Marco Mares (Mexico)

With a presence in the last Latin Grammys and with 28 years, the Mexican Marco Mares closes this list. Since 2014 he has been building a career as an independent artist. He shared his two EPs and his debut album through social media and digital music apps. In 2019, it reached almost 50 million visits on the different platforms and was declared by YouTube as the Latin Artist to follow that same year, which would reaffirm in the coming years with its nomination for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammy and that without Undoubtedly, they have to wait for their 2022 with high expectations.

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