Ted Lasso: Review Of An Amazing Comedy

This series has been one of the most nominated for the Golden Globes. What are its virtues and why should you watch it? This is our review of Ted Lasso .

Still from the series 'Ted Lasso'

We tell you the reasons why Ted Lasso appears as one of the favorite productions at the Golden Globes. Photo: YT-Apple TV +

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The Golden Globes are approaching and Apple wants to reinforce the success achieved last year. Let's remember that during the 2021 Golden Globes, the Ted Lasso series surprised the world, because Apple TV +, the company's new streaming service, won its first award with this series.

More specifically, actor Jason Sudeikis won the award for his role as Ted Lasso, something that has earned him a great reception from fans and specialized critics. Well, for the 2022 Golden Globes there have been 4 nominations corresponding to the second season of this show.

The ceremony will take place on January 9, 2022 and the series could win the following prizes:

  • Best Television Series, Music or Comedy: Ted Lasso
  • Best Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy: Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso)
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series: Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso)

  • Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series: Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso)

Do you want to know why Ted Lasso is one of our favorite productions? Here we tell you

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Ted Lasso, the great Apple TV + production

First things first: what is Ted Lasso about? Well, we will be told the life of the homonymous character, who is a football coach at the University of Kansas. Now, from one moment to the next, an unexpected opportunity comes to him: to lead a football team in the English league, despite the fact that he has no experience in this discipline. From that moment on, Ted Lasso will manage to maintain the position and achieve results at AFC Richmond, his new team.

Well, one of the most incredible things about Ted Lasso is his sports narrative. If you are a football fan, surely you will understand all the concepts in a jiffy and you will laugh at all the references to the football world. However, if you are not interested, this series is also for you: the football club is an excuse for you to know the life of the protagonist.

Therein lies another of the great virtues of the series, which is the amazing main performance. It is not surprising that Jason Sudeikis won the award for best actor of the opening season, something that he could achieve in this second batch of episodes, as his performance becomes much more emotional and complete. 

With his comedic talent, Ted Lasso manages to generate laughter in each of the episodes of the series. His personality is truly captivating and in some cases reminiscent of Michael Scott from The Office, since he seeks the best of all his workers, even if he has to look foolish to acheive this. 

Ted Lasso is a very sentimental character, who constantly makes decisions with the welfare of others in mind. He is capable of moving the entire audience, since comedy is balanced with drama in a perfect way.

Precisely, the optimistic tone that the series gives off is really incredible. When the protagonist makes a decision, we want everything to go as expected. Few series in the world – and probably in history – generate that feeling of empathy.

Finally, another important factor: human nature. Many comedies tend to exaggerate character flaws and even mistakes to create humor and complicity with viewers. There is no need here: Ted Lasso is a humanly funny character, something that is achieved thanks to a perfect script.

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