The 5 best series about programming today

Many people are learning to code in this quarantine. Let's see the best series on programmers that will serve as inspiration.

Frames from the series 'BLACK MIRROR: Bandersnatch' and 'Mr. Robot'.

We tell you what are the best series on programmers that you should see. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix, youtube.com/Prime Video UK

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The quarantine allowed many people to launch their personal projects. Since we have more free time due to social seclusion, it is the perfect time to start all those projects that we had delayed. Among them, the study or expansion of our knowledge.

For example, the Xataka media mentions that many people want to start programming because of the free time that isolation creates, but they don't know what language to start with. Although many specialists will recommend one or the other, we can also find answers in fiction.

In other words, a good way could be through different stories that deal, to a greater or lesser extent, about the infinite possibilities offered by learning to program. So, we decided to make a list of the best series on programmers that could serve as a starting point to nurture our studies.


Silicon Valley

In this case, we are talking about a story that describes the formation of a technology company that will later have incredible success, thanks to revolutionizing the system with an amazing digital file transfer program.

It is a kind of intelligent comedy, which, according to the Espinof website, had a farewell "in style." If your dream is to work in Silicon Valley, you may be interested in getting to know it.


Black mirror

In this particular case, it is not a specific series on programming, but it is entirely based on the spectacular nature of  technology. Posed as a dystopian story with self-contained episodes, we see different stories where digital inventions play a transcendental role.

The most interesting thing is that you will see many products that are not currently developed, but that can be great ideas that you could put into action. For example, an application similar to Tinder to match people, creating a video game with multiple scenarios or devices to create a virtual world for the deceased.


Mr. Robot

At first, we associated the figure of hackers with evil people, although lately they are seen as "heroes" who attack powerful institutions. This is a clear example, in which we see a computer security engineer recruited by activists to generate financial chaos on the internet.

Rami Malek, who played Freddie Mercury in the popular Bohemian Rhapsody, suffers from social anxiety and clinical depression, throughout four seasons he will show us that there is a very human aspect to consider when handling web code.



Again, we venture into a science fiction series based on a Michael Crichton novel and movie. Produced by HBO, it shows the dangers of self-aware androids which are "attractions" in a virtual fair. 

We also see the story form the point of view of the programmers. Therefore, we are talking about a very interesting plot  that is really popular among fans, which explains why the series has been going for 4 seasons according to the La Vanguardia website.

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Available on Amazon Prime Video, it is a fictional story in which different programmers generate a virtual paradise where the dead manage to return to life.

Therefore, a really interesting and well-made fusion is achieved between the “real” world of events and those that are generated in that virtual atmosphere. Thus, the Hypertextual website comments that it shows us some elements already seen in other stories, such as Black Mirror, but that it gives them a deeper touch.

Knowing this, it is an ideal time to launch all those projects that we have been putting off, as is the case with learning programming . At the same time that we can study, we can complement learning with these fun but also didactic stories.



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