The best actors who don’t use stuntmen

While we are used to most actors using other people for stunts, some choose to do everything on their own

While we are used to most actors using other people for stunts, some choose to do everything on their own.

Still from the movie 'Mission: Impossible Fallout'

These are some of the actors who prefer to do their own stunts. / Photo: YT / Paramount Pictures

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The film industry generates millions. A large part of them come from the actors, that is, celebrities who must take care not only of their image but also their physique, to ensure that the production maintains a course. This is a sensitive issue, especially in action movies that need to shoot stunts.

A case that was shocking was the one recently mentioned by Ámbito, where Tom Cruise, a 58-year-old actor, filmed an "impressive scene for Mission Impossible 7", where he decided to jump into the void with a motorcycle and fly through it with a parachute all without the need for doubles.

This actor's audacity reaches the point where, according to what La Vanguardia reveals, he plans to record a movie in space in 2021, venturing himself outside of Earth. Against this background, we decided to find out who are the movie celebrities who decide to put their health at risk and not use doubles in their scenes.

Jackie Chan

We start with a classic in the history of cinema. He is a prolific Chinese martial artist who was known for making different fight-themed movies. This implies, of course, that he had to shoot a few stunts, many of which he wanted to do on his own.

One of the most iconic cases occurred, according to the Debate website, when he almost died during the filming of a movie. Despite the fact that, throughout his career, he showed that he is almost “not afraid of anything”, in the 1986 film The Armor of God, he jumped from a cliff to the top of the tree and it broke, resulting in a crash against the rocks that left him in the hospital.

Jason Statham

This is an actor who is commonly associated with action movies, although, as with Jackie Chan, he always wants to be the protagonist of his scenes. This, of course, can be a challenge on a personal level, but also a danger to his life.

This happened to him, as the specialized medium of Cinemanía recalls when filming Los mercenarios 3. The Briton was about to drown while filming an aquatic scene, since he wanted to do it without the intervention of his double specialist, also ending in a hospital.

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Angelina Jolie

Action cinema, as we can see, requires a great deal of training and discipline to handle some of the most important, dramatic, and moving scenes. This is why Angelina Jolie decided to become Lara Croft as a personal challenge when she decided to star in the Tomb Raider movie.

According to what Infobae reveals, the actress decided to undergo important training to become the reckless and athletic archaeologist, willing to face different risks. This is why she not only trained her figure with exercise and strict eating but also decided to act out the battle scenes on her own.

Daniel Craig

Finally, we also have another classic actor, who is known for playing the character of James Bond. Like the previous ones, the Briton decides that the action scenes, which are many in his films, have to be acted out by his own means and without the need for assistants.

This means that, as reported by Entere, he does "all his stunts like 007", getting hurt in more than one occasion . For example, in Casino Royale in 2006, he had an accident during a fight scene, where two teeth were knocked out and blood came out profusely.

Even as Sensacine's specialized media reveals, in the future film Bond 25 the 52-year-old actor suffered an “injury” while running in Jamaica, for which he was transferred to the United States to receive X-rays and analyzes. Therefore, we see that there are actors who want to be protagonists in everything, even in the most dangerous scenes of their films.


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