The Best Latin-Themed Games

Games are integral in most cultures and the oldest form of human interaction. Part of what makes them fun includes elements of uncertainty, fiction, agreed-upon rules, and imagination. Themed games capture all these elements, drawing and hooking people throughout. 

Board games were among the earliest themed games. In ancient culture, games like Senet and the MesoAmerican ball game were highly valued. Today, you can find video games taking inspiration from Latin culture. Think about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale, and the Book of Aztecs. 

Let’s discuss the best Latin-themed games to try and what makes these games so popular. 

1. Piñata

Piñatas are decorated figures containing toys and sweets suspended from a height to be broken by blindfolded kids. You can also blindfold adults and watch them whack the Piñatas with a bat. It’s the best game for celebrations and creates lasting memories between friends. 

2. Chilli Prize Pots

Chilli Prize Pots is a Mexican-themed slot game developed by Inspired Entertainment. It features 20 paylines, generous free spins, and instant cash prizes. The game takes gamers to Mexico, featuring Piñatas, hot spices, and bright colours. You can also try a game like Fishin’ Frenzy to supplement your choices. 

3. Jarabe Tapatío

Jarabe Tapatío, or the Mexican hat dance, is the national dance of Mexico. It’s played flirtatiously, as the man plays a vigorous and attractive role, while the lady is coy. You can also do the Sombrero dance with your kids, family, and friends. Just turn on some Jarabe melodies and start dancing away. 

4. Loteria

Loteria is a traditional game of chance similar to bingo. It’s played using a deck of cards where every card has an image and an assignment number. There are many game versions, and you can choose one that best suits you. You only need to find a skilled cantor to amuse and entertain your fellow jugadores until someone wins. 

5. Sardina

Sardina is a popular Mexican traditional game similar to hide-and-seek. However, in this version, only one player hides while the rest look for them. When a player finds the hiding member, they join them in hiding without alerting the rest. 

The players will continue accumulating on the hiding spot until the last person finds them. The last player to find the group loses. You can motivate kids to count down in Spanish to accelerate their learning process.  

6. Taco Battle

In this game, players are given a wooden spoon with a large hard taco shell balanced on it. They must fight to break each other’s taco shells without breaking or dropping their shells. Players aren’t allowed to kick, hit, pull, or push one another. 

It’s usually played in a 5-6-foot circle, but the game is wildly entertaining for the crowd and participants. We highly recommend you play this game outside to prevent the taco shell from spilling on your walls. 

7. Mar Y Tierra

Mar Y Tierra is a fun kids’ game you can play inside if you have sufficient space. To play, kids line up in a line and jump sideways or back and forth. One kid calls out Mar and Tierra as the rest jump to stay on the correct side. The child who makes a mistake is kicked out as the rest continue to contest. 

8. Mexican Kick Ball

Mexican Kick Ball is a traditional game often played in Mexican villages. It’s a great and memorable fiesta game for large groups of kids as it’s engaging and fun to watch. The goal is to kick a ball around an obstacle course. It could be going around tables, up a slide or through a tunnel; the first team to complete the course wins. 

9. Rarájipari

Rarájipari was originally played in Mexico over miles of roads, deserts, or canyon trails. However, you can create a miniature kids’ game on smaller-scale fields. It involves two teams racing and kicking a ball. You can set up little obstacles along the paths to make the games more interesting. The first team to cross the line is the winner. 

10. 1,2,3 Calabaza

If you know the Red Light Green Light game, then you can comfortably play this one. It requires a large field of play but can be entertaining to watch and play. In the game, one player must face the wall while the rest stand behind them. The group must advance while the player is facing away. 

The lead player will count uno, dos, tres, and momia, then spin around. If they catch anyone moving, they must return to the starting point. The game continues until a player catches the lead and takes their place. 


Games have been a source of entertainment in most cultures. That’s why themed games are so popular. They capture elements of fiction, uncertainty, and imagination. 

Latin-themed games are among the most prominent in the online and physical gaming realm. Read the above article to find our top selection of Latin-themed games to try with your friends and family. 

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