The best miniseries of 2020

During this year, we were able to watch many short stories that deserve our recognition. Here are the best miniseries of 2020 .

Still from the miniseries 'Poco Ortodoxa'

We tell you which are the most popular miniseries of 2020. / Photo: YT-Netflix

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2020 was a successful year for streaming platforms. Spending more time at home, coupled with the inability to go to movie theaters, caused content producers to focus almost 100 percent on subscription catalogs for digital content.

A proof of this was in the massive success of several miniseries, which managed to become real success phenomena. That is, short stories, with few chapters, that are dedicated to telling both stories based on real life and others that are clearly fictional. Here are the best miniseries of 2020.

The last dance

One of those that aroused the interest of the audience for these short formats. On Netflix they decided to release two chapters per week, with a total of 10 to show the life of Michael Jordan, but also the sports successes of the Chicago Bulls between 1984 and 1998 where he managed to conquer 5 MVPs of the season, 10 top scorer titles and 6 rings with your team.

According to Espinof, this impressive documentary series shows the sports "miracles" of Michael Jordan, but also the success of a team that is considered the best in the history of the NBA. Thanks to brilliant research work, exclusive testimonies are obtained from the protagonists, but also from some personalities that explain the furor that this team and its leader caused throughout the world.

The Queen's Gambit

Another miniseries that managed to awaken an interest in a discipline, in this case, chess. The Queen's Gambit became a real success for Netflix, since it manages to condense, in only 7 episodes, a plot with a frenetic rhythm, which will make you hook immediately.

This story, based on the novel by Walter Tevis, also highlights an impressive performance by Anya Taylor-Joy, which was a real surprise for her ability to navigate different emotions. In addition, Scott Frank's direction is magnificent, making him one of the must-haves this year.

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Here we also have another Netflix production, which, in this case, only consists of 4 episodes. However, it is more than enough to know the life story of Esty Schwartz, a 19-year-old Jewish woman who escapes from an arranged marriage within an ultra-Orthodox community.

Based on the autobiography of Deborah Feldman, it is a story that is also important to watch in order to know the strict rules of some colonies, as happened in the case of Satmar. Set in New York and Berlin, the plot explains the importance of having your own voice and following your own wishes.

I Know This Much is True

Here we find an HBO miniseries, which consisted of 8 episodes. The first thing that stands out is the excellent performance of Mark Ruffalo, who stars in this dramatic story based on the novel of the same title by Wally Lamb, where the focus is on mental illness and social stigmas.

From HobbyConsolas they indicate that the plot perfectly explains why the most vulnerable people can be rejected by the society of the 90s in the United States. Through different flashbacks, we will learn about the past of the character of Mark Ruffalo and his brother, where one of the two began to show symptoms that something was wrong with his psyche.


Finally, we also have another Netflix production that is based on an unsolved mystery that kept Argentine society intrigued for years, being an unprecedented phenomenon due to its impact on society. Carmel tries to expose the different leading voices about the murder of María Marta García Belsunce, which occurred in 2002.

Despite the passing of the years, it was never possible to determine who was the culprit. For this reason, Clarín indicates that “this story should not be missed”, that it has a captivating pace and an enormous work of historical and judicial investigation, which allows us, as spectators, to draw our own conclusions about this crime that still follows us intriguing.

We saw, then, that there was an enormous quality of miniseries in 2020. If you still did not know any, it is time you gave these short stories a shot that will hook you immediately.

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