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Because of the premiere of the fourth episode of the third season of True Detective, we present some mysteries that the fans have solved 

Las teorías más locas de tus películas favoritas.


The series True Detective, which follows a fictional criminal case by season, is currently airing its third season. The first season, set in Louisiana, was acclaimed by the public and critics. The second, set in California, was strongly criticized due to the high expectations that the first one had left. Now, the creators of the first season have taken again the reins of the series and have returned to the style and tone from before.

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This time, Detective Hays investigates the disappearance of two brothers of 10 and 12 years in Ozarks, Missouri, and tells the story from three different times: 1980, when the children disappear; 1990, when Hays must declare ten years after the case due to the discovery of a new track; and 2015, when an old Hays is interviewed for a television show.


The third season of True Detective is starring Mahershala Ali, winner of the Oscar for his role in Moonlight and currently nominated for his role in Green Book. Every Sunday, HBO broadcasts a new episode that gives more clues about the mystery of missing children.

The three chapters that we have seen so far have awakened the imagination of the fans. With each new character that introduces the series, fans see a new suspect, a new possible culprit.

Among the craziest theories are those who believe that it is detective Hays who kidnapped the children but due to a memory problem he has, he does not remember it well. Among the suspects of the fans, there is also the wife of Detective Hays, who was very involved in the case and wrote a book about it. Some suspect even of the children's own parents, a dysfunctional couple who let a strange cousin stay in one of the children's rooms for a while.


The fourth chapter, which is about to come out, will surely give more clues about it.

Many times, thrillers, suspense and horror movies turn us not only in spectators but detectives too: we become readers of the tracks and conspirators. These are other examples of when the fans have given free rein to their imagination when it comes to a mystery of some production.

The Shining: ¿Who is Jack y how long has he lived?

The Stanley Kubrick horror classic left an open and confusing ending for the spectators. Perhaps this is why Stephen King, author of the book on which the film is based, hated it so much, because the film does not finish solving mysteries that it has insinuated and that in the book there are solved and explained.

In the film, the father and writer, Jack, goes crazy during a winter spent with his wife and son on an isolated hotel in the middle of the mountains. But, what is the history of the twins? Who does Jack's son talk to? Was Jack already crazy or the hotel is haunted?


Perhaps the biggest mystery is the one that concerns the end of the movie. The film ends with a black and white photo of Jack in the hotel in 1921, 60 years before the events of the film. According to the ListVerse portal, the two most popular theories among the fans are those that propose that Jack and the Major reincarnate again and again to continue working eternally in the hotel. This theory would make it a circular history. The other proclaims that Jack is the devil himself and that he enjoys making mischief in the hotel for all eternity.

The Dark Knight: The Joker is a traumatized war veteran

Not only in Nolan's film, but also from comics, the origin of the Joker has been a mystery. The creators of the character (who are also a mystery and a legal battle), always give a different version when asked about the origin of the super villain. The same thing happens in the second installment of the Christopher Nolan trilogy about Batman, in which the Joker tells a different story about the origin of his scars that have the form of a smile.

According to MentalFloss, the most popular theory among fans is that the Joker is actually a war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress. The theory comes only from the movie, because it is based on a story that the villain tells Harvey Dent about a truck loaded with soldiers that he saw explode. The war veteran theory would explain the Joker's disdain for establishment and his skill with weapons and explosives.

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Home Alone and Saw: Kevin McCallister is Jigsaw


In Home Alone, Kevin McCallister is forgotten by his family on Christmas morning: they all go without him to the airport and he is left alone in the house. Two clumsy thieves try to enter the house to steal, but Kevin stops them using ingenious homemade traps in which thieves fall again and again.

According to ShortLists, one of the most interesting conspiracy theories in cinema is this: Kevin grew up to become the serial killer Jigsaw of the Saw horror saga. In Saw, the murderer makes his victims go through various tests and macabre games to save their lives.


This theory is based mainly on the physical resemblance between the actors who play Kevin and Jigsaw, but there is more evidence that both could be the same character: the emotional damage that could have caused having been abandoned by his family at Christmas, the taste for the traps elaborated with a precision worthy of an engineer in both, and the taste for mocking their victims when they fall into the traps that both put.

Thus, Kevin would go from making us laugh, to make us jump out of the chair and cover our eyes when we see the blood bath of their victims.

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Translated from "Las más locas teorías de tus películas favoritas".

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