The Disney vs. Sony war has ended

After months of rivalry, the heads of Disney and Sony have reached an agreement as to the future of Spider-Man

Scene from the movie 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' by Marvel and Sony

Scene from the movie ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ by Marvel and Sony. / Taken from: Youtube.com/MarvelEntertainment

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On Friday, September 27, both companies announced that they will be co-producers in the new production of the arachnid superhero. After dealing for months with a battle that seemed endless, they reached an agreement that will allow Sony to take part in the production of the film, regardless of whether Marvel is a subsidiary of Disney.



During the summer 2019, the fights began because Disney wanted to go from charging 5% of box office profits to having a profit of 50-50 for sharing, to the same extent, the production of the movie. Sony had not approved these demands, which meant that Peter Parker's story – played by Tom Holland – could change, and that the hero's relations with the Marvel universe would come to an end.

Sony Pictures claimed that Disney already had the majority of Marvel characters, which would leave the Spider-Man brand aside, as it would not be their priority. The intention of the company was to continue with the production and finish the trilogy starring Holland.

The start of the dispute was thanks to the success of the second film: Spider-Man: Away from home, because it not only became the highest grossing film of this superhero, but also the most successful production of Sony Pictures, according to MeriStation. This, as expected, disliked Disney, which had previously agreed to certain agreements (such as 5% of revenue).

Disney saw a window of opportunity in the third production and did not plan to miss it. With its demands, the company also wanted to take advantage and have better profits in the future films of the universe of this superhero. MeriStation said that “Sony, with the results it achieved on its own in the first part of Venom (more than 800 million dollars), has refused the demands of its collaborator and both [seemed] to have put an end to their relationship".

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And now what?

For months we saw a black panorama, considering it was possible that we were left without the follow-up of Peter Parker's story.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and head of negotiations, proved to be the hero in this story. Feige's sole purpose was for Spider-Man to continue in the Marvel universe, for which relations between Sony and Disney could not be broken.

In addition, Feige was a necessary figure in the negotiation because he was not only involved as an intermediary, but he was one of the Persian conditions. Despite Disney's threats to leave Spider-Man out of the Marvel universe, Sony refused to give up Kevin Feige as a key producer and consultant, according to Vandal.

The agreement ended as follows: both companies will handle parts of the production. In terms of revenue, Disney will keep 25% and will have all merchandising earnings.

This new agreement will allow a third film of this saga with Tom Holland, with both companies as co-producers. In addition, it opens the possibility for Spider-Man to continue appearing in other Avengers-like moviessuch as Endgame.

To the positive news for this superhero, neither Holland nor Zendaya were waiting and in their social networks they expressed their emotion.


Una publicación compartida por Tom Holland (@tomholland2013) el



For now, we will have to wait for the summer of 2021 to see the third installment of this story.

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