The good, the beautiful, and the ugly of the 2020 VMAs

Here is a summary of what happened at the MTV Video Music Awards .

Lady Gaga at her VMAs performance

We tell you what were the most memorable moments of the VMAs 2020. / Photo: YT / MTV

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This Sunday, August 30, the Video Music Awards gala took place in five neighborhoods of New York City, in which year after year MTV awards the most outstanding artists in the United States. It was done in this way and in this place to pay tribute to the inhabitants of New York City, who are recovering from the peak of infections by Coronavirus.

This is one of the first great galas to occur in times of pandemic, so it constitutes a test and pilot of how these events will play out from now on. To start the week updated, we bring this summary with the good, the beautiful and the ugly of the 2020 VMAs.

The good: Latino representation

One of the most talked about presentations was that of the paisa reggaeton singer Maluma. He performed at the awards and sang his most recent hit Hawaii . The Colombian also received the award in the category of "Best Latin Video of the Year" for his success "Qué pena", along with fellow countryman J Balvin, who was unable to attend because he is recovering from Coronavirus.

In his acceptance speech, Maluma thanked his hometown, Medellín, and noted that it is also the birthplace of J Balvin, a colleague he admires. With his participation in the awards, the Latin quota is undoubtedly fulfilled and the greatest hits are heard in Spanish.

The beautiful : Lady Gaga's masks


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Lady Gaga has taken the security measures that we should all be following very seriously.  Because of this, she wore the most beautiful and extravagant masks with each of her outfits. The singer, in addition, was the most nominated along with Ariana Grande: each had nine nominations.

Gaga was without a doubt the one who swept the awards, as she took the trophies for best song, best collaboration and artist of the year. The artist also performed during the awards and, as always, surprised everyone with her brilliance and wierdness.

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The ugly: police violence, which hinders the mood for celebration

The singer The Weekend won one of the most important awards of the night: for best video clip for his song Blinding Lights. However, the moment of receiving the award was not a happy moment, because, as he said, "These are difficult times to celebrate." Thus, he called for justice for Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor, both victims of the systematic racist police violence that takes place every day in the United States.

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