The most anticipated concerts in the post-pandemic

These Are the Most Anticipated Concerts For the Post-pandemic World.

Camilo and Rage Against The Machine

Now in the last steps to end the health crisis, event agendas decide to emerge at this time to put streaming aside. Photos: IG-camilo, IG-rageagainstthemachine

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After the enormous uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many singers postponed their shows. Many artists wanted to transmit their music to their audience through social networks. However, now in the last steps to end the health crisis, new upcoming concerts are coming. That is why LatinAmerican Post invites you to know the most anticipated concerts in the post-coronavirus year.

Camilo Echeverry

The great artist, musician and producer travels through 13 cities in the United States to present “Mis Manos Tour”. His fans are eager to see him live. Starting in August, he will play in various countries. In addition, he expressed that by the year 2022 he will be back in Latin America. The singer disclosed that the tour will go through Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru. Other nations are awaiting health confirmation.


Karol G

The Colombian singer announced her tour called "Bichota Tour 2021".  It will start in the city of Denver and will continue through Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. The Tour will begin in October and end in November, within that period it has 21 concerts. The artist will shape her third album, in which she impresses her millions of followers. In addition, the interpreter does not rule out the streaming shows of her latest album, she announced them through her social networks. This great virtual show with its new record material has many surprises. Among them, guests, artist presentations in shows, and 16 songs from her album.


Gilberto Santa Rosa

The interpreter announced his “Camínlo” – Us Tour 2021 – 2022 in 13 different cities in the United States. He also had to do 3 events in a row, because the tickets were sold out. The Tour started in August 2021 and will end in February 2022.

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The Black Crowes

The hard rock group The Black Crowes, began their long tour and has proposed a great " Tour for 2021" . They will pass through the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. They will play 46 events, of which there will be 14 concerts in August, 13 in September, 7 in October and 11 in November, according to their official website. In addition, their experience gives them the possibility of creating melodies with the purpose of reaching the fans.

On the other hand, since they started their tour they have been working assiduously on the new album “Shake Your Money Maker”. The band has the distinction of having a 30-year artistic career. That is why they intend to release a new album in 2022.


Rage Against The Machine

The rap-metal band became popular for protesting against capitallism. Furthermore, in their lyrics and songs, they criticize economic liberalism and cultural imperialism. The group created a World Tour 2021, called "Public Service Announcement ." Their shows will start in March 2022.

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