The Most Anticipated Series for 2023 on Streaming Platforms

If 2022 was the year of the return of several series after the pandemic, 2023 will be the year that will consolidate some sagas and put the streaming giants in competition. These are the most anticipated series for 2023 .

Frames from the 'Bridgerton 3' and 'Loki 2' series

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By 2022 there was a Prime Video rebound that none of its competitors could counter. The fact of taking over the franchise of "The Lord of Rings" for a new series gave it a strong boost. Only HBO Max could come close to that impact with "House of the Dragon"; while Netflix defended itself thanks to 'true crime'.

For the coming year there are great certainties and uncertainties. For example, it is not known what will happen to "Squid Game", which dominated during the pandemic confinement; but it is clearly known that Disney +, Netflix, Prime Video and HBO Max set key titles to compete next year.

In the case of Netflix, it is certain that sagas such as "Sex Education", "You", "Elite" or "Lupin" will take hold, in addition to the prequel to "Money Heist" with the character from Berlin. On Disney + the same thing would happen with some series from the Marvel Universe or “The Mandalorian”. HBO Max would play it with "The White Lotus", "Succession" or "The Last of Us"; and Prime Video would go with "The Terminal List."

Next, we leave another 5 series that will be unmissable on streaming platforms by 2023. Some are new creations, others are based on a successful saga, and some are new seasons of the most important series of 2022.

Bridgerton 3 (Netflix)

Netflix found a relief in this period series about English royalty, since it has been one of its greatest successes in recent years. This third season is key because it stands out from the timeline of Julia Quinn's books, material on which the series is based. Although the books followed Benedict's romance, the third season bets on the story between Colin and Penelope, already unmasked in her role as Lady Whistledown. Additionally, Netflix will accompany this season with a prequel about Queen Charlotte, in 2023.

"The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power 2" (Prime Video)

Thanks to its first season, Prime Video had its streaming rebound and became the most watched series of 2022. The season one finale left viewers on edge by unmasking Sauron and revealing Gandalf. Due to the complexity involved in filming, from the production, they indicated that their new season would at least be reaching streaming by the end of 2023.

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"The Idol" (HBO Max)

With The Weeknd behind the project, HBO Max intends for the series to have a similar audience reach to that of "Euphoria", of which nothing is yet known for next year. In fact, they have similar themes, and Sam Levinson—who created “Euphoria”—also created this series with the Canadian singer. The plot focuses on the nuances of the music industry with the leader of a cult and a pop star where drugs and sex are cross-cutting themes. In addition to The Weeknd, Blackpink's Troye Sivan and Jennie also participate.

"The Continental" (Prime Video)

After a strong bid, Prime Video monopolized the rights to the series that will be the prequel to "John Wick." The only certainty with the series is that it will have its launch in the 'streaming' time after the fourth installment of the saga in theaters, which will be on March 24, 2023. Without a doubt, this will be the premiere of action more expected next year. At the moment, it is known that Mel Gibson and Colin Woodwell will participate in it.

"Loki 2" (Disney+)

This is another series with an unfinished date for Disney +, but it is a fact that it can be seen by 2023. We learned about its second installment thanks to the post-credits scene of the first season, and the estimated time of its launch will be in the summer of 2023. The followers of the Marvel production, they were waiting for the future of Loki with respect to how he will have to deal with the conqueror Kang.

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