The Multiverse: The New Trend Of Cinema

We analyze the multiverse, a new trend in cinema, taking a look at "Everything everywhere all at once" and "Dr. Strange 2".

Still from the movies 'Everything everywhere at the same time' and 'Dr. Stranger 2'

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This summer two great movies, such as: "Dr. Strange in the universe of madness" and "Everything everywhere all at once", have opted for the idea of the multiverse. It is not the first time that this theme is treated in the cinema, but most of the time, it is about large productions with excessive costs that are the ones that make this type of film, very commercial films. that come out of these canons; production companies that bet, so to speak, more on stories that make a profit. But why have these types of themes permeated these spaces? What kind of audience are they aimed at? In this article , we will carry out an analysis of this trend and the impact it has generated.

Disney vs. A24

Undoubtedly, there is a big difference between distributors: the great empire that Disney represents and, on the other hand, a distributor such as A24. On the one hand, we have the marketing expert who has made superheroes a very profitable business. On the other hand, we have the distributor A24, known for films such as: "Ex machine" and "The Witch", which is characterized by the distribution of films that stand out for the themes they address, the excellent scripts and performances. However, we can see that they have something in common and this is the interest in exploring the theme of the Multiverse. The first with films like “Dr. Strange 2” and the second with the movie “Everything everywhere all at once”.

Let's start by analyzing, not the pioneer of the multiverse, but without a doubt, one of those who has made the most of this theme. We are talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The MCU has put endless possibilities on the table that have generated many things. First, the possibility of bringing together a large cast, emphasizing the sense of quantity. Second, the complexity and development of characters that he has presented throughout several films over a little more than a decade. Finally, the crossings. This tendency that has to enable all these characters to coincide in the same universe. All this has resulted in the creation of an audience eager for these types of stories.

The development of stories like “Everything everywhere at the same time” stems from a created need of a new young audience to find these kinds of stories. It is true that this type of narrative has already been portrayed before and repeatedly. The clearest example is, without a doubt, the Matrix movies. However, these types of superhero movies have captivated a very large niche of audiences for a long time.

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The theme of representation

Currently, we live in a context in which there is a lot of talk about the media representation of all kinds of people. The inclusion of LGBTIQ+ people and people of African descent in several films has increased. It is important to talk about this context, because it also presents a new possibility of approaching and dealing with new issues. Again it responds to this young audience that questions the content they consume.

Finally, we can see how issues such as space have gone into the background. But that also responds to a need to explore the unknown. There is great interest in knowing what lies beyond space and exploring this idea that the multiverse poses, of knowing other realities. Beyond going into the background, these themes have been adding more curiosity about these issues. Likewise, we cannot ignore the technological advances that we have today in the cinema that generates the feeling that all this that it raises cannot be so far from reality.

In conclusion, we can say that this new young audience is not only hungry for new stories. Rather, they are interested in finding new ways to surprise herself and all that this entails; special effects, stories, representation and all this has given interest to the multiverse. Perhaps this trend is temporary or perhaps not. That is something that only time will tell.

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