The success of streaming concerts during the pandemic

Given the impossibility of giving concerts on physical stages, more and more artists are using online recitals.

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When the pandemic began, the music industry was really affected. It was one of the activities that most needed physical audiences, in the sense that, generally, different recitals or events were held with a significant agglomeration of people, something that is currently prevented by COVID-19.

However, with the passing of time, different alternatives began to emerge to supply the live shows, as could be seen in Latin America. The most popular is that of the recitals "via streaming", something that could be seen recently in what the Infobae medium mentions, which comments that Indio Solari, one of the most popular artists in Argentina, sang this way again in Malvinas Argentinas stadium, through a broadcast known as From Los Saélites, which managed to revolutionize social networks.

Despite the fact that it is a recent trend, the Clarín website highlights that the online concert modality "has great future potential for production companies". 

Streaming shows in pandemic

A few years ago, no one would have bet that we would all be in our homes listening to music through live broadcasts. However, the coronavirus crisis prevented many of the bands and artists from participating in face-to-face concerts again, so the industry had to adapt to these circumstances.

One of these instances occurred, according to Tele Hit, with the transmission of Se Agradece, which brought together musicians from different musical genres, such as Maluma, Rosalía, Sebastián Yatra, Cali and Dandee or Piso 21, among others.

Another of the musicians who made several presentations during the pandemic was the Argentine Pedro Aznar, according to the specialized media of Billboard, all through a digital transmission that involved the production of 5 cameras, so that there is a good perspective of what happens on stage.

Also from CNN they comment that the singer Abel Pintos, winner of three Gardel de Oro awards, stressed that he also prepared live streaming concerts for this atypical moment. It is the same modality to which previous events were used, with the difference that people can connect from their devices to see it.

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So how do we understand this trend? Well, from the perspective of the Télam news agency, the activities of the music sector began to flourish through digitization due to the paralysis of live shows. Therefore, different musical concerts and even theatrical works were given through this modality.

However, there are many people who do not understand how the ticket system for streaming shows works. In Cadena 3 they highlight that the proposal is to bring "the artists to the people", where there are concerts that are prepared à la carte, where you can choose the songs to be played and the recital is put together according to the wishes of the public.

The idea is that people can buy a virtual ticket, which will mean receiving an exclusive link to access the broadcast. So, faced with this panorama, the website of La Nación wonders if the streaming of shows "came to stay" or if it is simply a "passing need" given the impossibility of attending events in person.

Although at this moment, it seems to be the only alternative to replace the impossible live shows, there may be a way in which both formats coexist. In BAE Negocios they comment that online concerts "are here to stay".

It is clear that face-to-face shows will continue to exist when “we return to normality”, but also that this modality could help some people with difficulties to attend the face-to-face events. In other words, online concerts and physical concerts can be a healthy complement for each other. 


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