These are the 3 most beautiful libraries in Latin America

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Literature has a special place in the Latin-American culture and the bookstores that we present below demonstrate this

Discover the 3 most beautiful libraries in Latin America

1. Anteneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This famous bookstore is renowned for its unique location: it is inside a theater, the Grand Splendid, and it fits into its structure to create a unique and beautiful bookshop.

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The building was built on the foundations of the National Theater North and was opened in 1919 with the name of Grand Splendid, where great names like Paquita Bernardo, Roberto Firpi and Carlos Gardel were presented. In fact, Carlos Gardel had a room of his own that still exists inside the building, but there's not allowed the access to the public. The theater installed an antenna on the roof and worked for a few years as Radio Splendid, where Gardel debuted in 1921.

Since 2000, the building functions as a bookstore, preserving the architecture of the theater and adapting to its forms. The library offers approximately 120,000 titles and can have 3000 visits per day. To know the Ateneo Grand Splendid is to live a beautiful experience because you will not only be surrounded by great works, but also the space will move you.

One of its most beautiful details is the Dome of Athenaeum, painted by the artist Nazareno Orlandi with technique in oil, where a peaceful scene is represented due to the end of the First World War. This year it was named by the magazine of National Geographic as the most beautiful bookstore in the world.

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2. Coffee shop the pendulum, Mexico City, Mexico

This bookstore also works as coffee, one of the most beautiful in Mexico City, and is known as Cafebrería el Péndulo, alluding to the sensation of a pendulum that oscillates between coffee and books. The pendulum is the main place of destination for book lovers who visit the city, it is the perfect place to find great titles and also enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea.

It is located in Polanco and has been among the Top 10 of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. This, in addition, is the place of preference for authors who go on tour to present their books and chat with readers.

The shelves of the books are placed towards the walls and there are small passages that lead to the emptiness of the cafe and to the lower floors that are also full of books. In addition, the decoration based on vines and plants makes the space extremely cozy.

It is a place not to miss, as it not only has an incredible atmosphere, but also has precious editions from around the world of literature and art books. You will also find movies and records: it is a place where culture merges.

3. Wilborada 1047, Bogotá, Colombia

The Wilborada 1047 bookstore is one of the most beautiful spaces you can visit in Bogotá if you love books. Located in a typical house in Bogota and surrounded by the high buildings of the Quinta Camacho neighborhood, this space is a unique place to enjoy a good coffee and a delicious empanada while you are around precious editions of the best authors in the world.

The name of the bookstore is based on Santa Wilborada, the patron of booksellers and books. Some say that the '1047' was because at that time the bookstore opened, others that because that was the hour in which the idea was devised, so the hours of attention go from 10:47 to 19:47 .

The space of the bookstore accommodates the house that has 4 floors, generating a feeling of rise. Each floor is full of books and chairs to sit for a while to choose the book you want to take. It also has, on its top floor, a space with poufs where there are graphic novels and illustrated books. The bookstore has a wide variety of literature and also a space to show the new voices from the fanzine and more independent publications.


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