These are the 5 most famous infidelities of Hollywood

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When it comes to infidelity, paparazzi take the opportunity to show the world that celebrity couples are not so perfect

These are the 5 most famous infidelities of Hollywood

Being in the focus of the press, celebrities should take precautions and, in the case of infidelities, rare times they get away with it. Not only that: the change is less attractive in view of the spectators, who sometimes condemn the infidel. Here is our list of celebrities who have been infidels.

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1. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria

The union between the player of the Charlotte Hornets and the actress of desperate Housewives only lasted four years. After Longoria found some compromising messages from Erin Barry, ex-wife of Brent Barry, she decided to leave him. According to the Hello site, a few years later, Parker referred to the break as a complicated experience. "It's true that it was a difficult and painful experience of my life," said the basketball player at the time. Later, for the year 2014, Parker remarried, this time with Axelle Francine. Although Parker apparently has a peculiar weakness for Latin beauty, it is worth wondering if those messages were worth it at all, because there is only one Eva.

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2. Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian

While Khloé was in a pregnant, Tristan Thompson did his thing. He was filmed at the Washington stadium with two women and, a few months later, in New York, he left a prestigious hotel with one of them. The mistress was identified by Hollywood Life as Lani Blair. Various sources of the E! portal commented that the situation made Kardashian nervous, who, after knowing about it, began to have premature contractions.

Getting IGNORE INTO a Kardashian clan member is not easy, and it should not be easy to get out of there unharmed. Therefore, to this date, Thompson seems to be away from the model, which, although it does not even reach the heels of Khloé in terms of popularity, she does not manage to create a trend, but rather follows the scandalous beauty patterns of this singular family.


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3. Jesse G James and Sandra Bullock

Regardless of having two marriages on, in 2005 Sandra Bullock married Jesse G James. El País of Spain said that while they were in the process of adopting Louis, Bullock found out that James betrayed her. With great courage, she continued the adoption process as a single mother and separated from the producer. To this date and after his infidelity, Jesse James is with Alexis Dejoria, a retired car runner.


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4. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Although they did show it as a false rumor, the photographs do not lie. According to the postcard Glamour that was in a nightclub in Paris in which the former singer of N'SYNC was caught kissing Zenya Bashford, one of his choristers. However, and without absolute certainty about what happened, the truth is that the relationship with Biel continues to this day. Can love conquers everything? Could it be that Timberlake repented in time and realized the beauty of his wife?


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5. Mia Farrow and Woody Allen

As if he were a Don Juan, Woody Allen has known what it is to make life difficult when it comes to women. Today, at 82, he continues to suffer. Not only does his adopted daughter Dylan accuse him of being a rapist, but also with Mia Farrow, although they were not married, the relationship was broken in 1992 by a scandal that continues to attract attention now a days. According to the prestigious portal El mundo, that same year the beautiful and popular actress found some photos that the director had taken naked to Soon-Yi Previn, another adopted daughter. After the scandal, Farrow decided to separate from Allen and later, in 1997, Previn, married his stepfather, 34 years older than her.


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