These Are the 5 Most Nominated Series For the 2021 Emmy Awards

Find Out Who the Top Emmy Nominees Are. 

Still from the productions 'The Mandalorian', 'The Handmaids Tale' and 'Ted Lasso'

Awarded by the United States Television Academy (NATAS), the next appointment will be on September 19. Photos: YT-Disney, YT-Hulu, YT-AppleTV +

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The Emmys are the biggest awards on television. Awarded by the United States Television Academy (NATAS), the next ceremony will be on September 19. The current edition, as the last one, will occur in a pandemic context. The celebration will take place in person from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, so, unlike in 2020, it will not be 100% virtual.

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Last year, the big winner – and one of the surprises of the gala – was Succession, which won the trophy for Best Dramatic Series. This year, there are several candidates to obtain different statuettes. Here are some of them. 

The Mandalorian (24 nominations)

The Mandalorian has been one of the most-nominated series for this edition. The series, available on Disney Plus, became one of the most popular pieces of content on the platform. It is a side story from the Star Wars franchise, set chronologically between Episode VI and Episode VII.


With iconic characters, such as the protagonist and the beloved Baby Yoda, its second season has been a real success. The Mandalorian is for fans of adventure, action, and friendship.

The Crown (24 nominations)

The most expensive series of all time also has its place on this list. Available on Netflix, it is a drama that portrays the life of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain from the 40s to the present.


With excellent narrative, production design, and performances, the fourth season is set between 1997 and 1990, when Margaret Thatcher took over as prime minister. Some historical events are perfectly recreated, such as the Falklands War. This makes it a perfect show for history lovers.

WandaVision (23 nominations)

WandaVision has been one of the surprises of this edition. Available on Disney Plus, it was the first original series launched on this platform, which seeks to expand the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


This production delves into the events that occurred after Avengers: Endgame, when Wanda Maximoff, apparently, lives a dream life with her partner Vision … although not everything is what it seems. 

With a season of 9 episodes, it is perfect for lovers of sitcoms, as there are several chapters that parody some famous productions from different times, such as I Love Lucy, Friends or Malcolm in the Middle. It has a fast-paced, good production, excellent comedy, and even dramatic situations, which perfectly expand the world of Marvel.

The Handmaid's Tale (21 nominations)

Available on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, this is a serial adaptation of Margaret Atwood's book of the same name. In this fourth season, the events that occurred in this dystopian story are explored more. 

Basically, it shows us a world where the birth rate is plummeting. The United States is transformed into a totalitarian state, known as the Republic of Gilead, where religious fanaticism causes fertile women to be taken as  "servants" of wealthy households, who determine what they can and cannot do.

They are forced to have children and lose all their identity through elitist religious rituals. With a huge production design, compelling narrative, and great performances, it's perfect for those who love dystopias and want to hear a story that combines feminism with politics and religions.

Ted Lasso (20 nominations)

Finally, one of the great surprises. Available on Apple TV + , it made history by being the first comedy series to have so many nominations for this contest. Well, this production, starring Jason Sudeikis, tells the story of an American football coach.

From one day to the next, he is hired to lead a British football team… despite having no experience whatsoever. Therefore, he tries to cover that lack of knowledge with different strategies that amuse the audience. With 10 episodes of half an hour each, its first season shows enormous potential. 

We hope you like these productions!

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