These are the broken hearts so far in 2019

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The past few days, two famous couples came to an end. Find out which celebrities have ended their relationships in the first part of 2019

Relationships in Hollywood can change at any time. In a moment they are our favorite love, but at another moment one of them results in a relationship with someone else. Or else, let it be said by the most talked about the love triangle of celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. And as everything in life comes to an end, these relationships also did. First, the actor Bradley Cooper and the model Irina Shayk announced their breakup, and just a couple of days ago, it was known that the actress Dakota Johnson and the singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, also ended their relationship.

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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

The couple, who had been together since 2015, decided to announce the end of their relationship after US media began talking about the possible problems they were having. After 4 years of relationship, Cooper and Shayk not only share memories and love but also have a daughter, Lea De Seine. Now, according to People, the ex-couple will focus on raising their daughter with joint custody.


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Following the breakup, the gossip began to come out. Many speculated that the singer Lady Gaga, who also finished her relationship recently, was responsible for the end between Shayk and Cooper. The rumors have come out since the launch of the film A star is born, in which Cooper and Gaga are protagonists and let see obvious chemistry.

However, the singer has referred to that alleged romance saying that chemistry had to be seen because the film was romantic. That does not mean it's the reason why the actor's relationship ended. Gaga has asked people to be kind and not talk about the situation.

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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin

To be a singer and composer so sensitive, with lyrics that reach the heart like Fix You, the voice of the band Coldplay has had many heartbreakers. Of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeniffer Lawrence, Annabelle Willis, among some other celebrities, until arriving at the most recent, Dakota Johnson, Martin's relationships seem to fail after his marriage to Paltrow ended.

Now, after two years of relationship with the actress of 50 shades of Gray, they have also announced the break. The British portal Mirror said that the reason the relationship ended was that the singer wanted to have a child, but Johnson was not ready. "Chris had made it clear that he wanted more kids as soon as possible, but Dakota's career is taking off and that's the last thing he's thinking about," a friend of the couple said.

Lady Gaga and Christian Carino

The couple, whose romance was speculated on since a little before 2017 when she met publicly, was engaged. However, in February of this year, the relationship also came to an end. After speculation, it was at the Grammys and Oscars that Lady Gaga was seen without a trace of Carino: no engagement ring and no company.

As expected, rumors also emerged that the cause was Bradley Cooper and his undisputed chemistry in the film. Although this has never been confirmed, Harper's Bazaar has published that some sources that do not specify would have said that Carino was jealous. This, in turn, was contradicted by another source in People who states that there was no great story behind the break, they just did not understand each other.

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale

The love story of Saturday Night Life comedian Pete Davidson is one of passing loves. Just a year ago, it had been announced that the engagement between him and the singer Ariana Grande was coming to an end. That happened just a few months after Grande's ex-boyfriend died of an apparent overdose. The relationship between these two had grown exponentially in just a few months.

Now, months later, Davidson was seen with actress Kate Beckinsale. Apparently, in January 2019 they began to see each other, attended several social events in which they showed as a couple, but only four months later, they ended their relationship.

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos

Perhaps the most costly break of recent time will be the separation between Amazon's CEO and his wife. After 25 years of marriage and four children, the businessman published a statement on his Twitter account in January: "After a long period of exploring love and a separation trial, we decided to get divorced and follow our lives as friends."

After this, it was known that Jeff Bezos had had an affair with a television host. As a result of this, it was speculated on the millionaire figure that Mackenzie could take out of that divorce. Finally, in May it was known that she would take "25% of the shares that belonged to them as a couple, that is, 4% of the entire Amazon stock package equivalent to USD 36,000 million", but which yielded some others such as shares of The Washington Post and the right to vote in Amazon shares, according to Semana.


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