These are the Latin American crafts you should know

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Here we show some of the most important crafts from different Latin American countries

These are the Latin American crafts you should know

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Handicrafts are handmade objects made by people who are dedicated, many times, to continue with the artistic legacy of their community. That is why we have decided to show you some crafts made in Latin America that you should know.

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Artesanías Huichol (Mexico)

This craft is a style that is recognized worldwide for the beauty and complexity that their works reflect. These have high symbolic and religious content. The Huichols are indigenous people who live in mountainous areas north of Jalisco and much of Nayarit in central Mexico, as published by the website tiposderte.com.

Among his types of art, are the worsted paintings, the works carried out with beads and with thread or yarn, his paintings that today are the most tradable, according to the same portal. The places where you can find works of this art are the Museum of beads in Arizona, the Museum of Popular Art in Mexico, the Museum of the Four Towns in Nayarit and the Zacatecan Museum in Zacatecas. A spectacular art that should be appreciated in any of its presentations.


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Handicrafts Wayuu (Colombia)

Among the crafts of this ethnic group, is the well-known Wayúu backpack, which preserves ethnic cultural traditions with the same name, such as the weaving that, according to the myth, is taught by the spider or Wale 'Kerü.

The Wayúu people live in the peninsula of La Guajira, in the northeastern part of Colombia, which also borders Venezuela. This ethnic group has a matriarchal structure and has adapted to the inclemencies of the desert climate of the region that is in front of the Caribbean Sea, as also published by the Artesanías de Colombia portal. The fabric for the Wayúu people, more than a cultural practice, is a heritage of ancestors, the way of conceiving and expressing life as they feel and desire it according to the same portal.


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Crafts Shipibo (Peru)

There are several objects carried out by artisans of the community, among them are ceramics, textiles, necklaces and so-called "quitasueño" that has a certain similarity to what for many would be a dreamcatcher. According to the website go2peru.com, ceramics is a distinctly feminine work, the ceramic they use is highly plastic and to be able to work with it, it must be mixed with ashes from the bark of a tree called apacharama or pachaco. they add ground pieces of ceramics, always with the aim of reducing the plasticity of the clay.



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