These are the trends that fashion weeks left us

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We tell you our predictions of trends after having seen the fashion week shows in Milan and Paris

These are the trends that fashion weeks left us

This week ended the Paris fashion week, which closed with the last Karl Lagerfeld fashion show for Chanel. Putting aside the sentimentality, in this last parade was the elegance of the winter that the Chanel house has prepared for the following seasons in winter tones as black, white and gray.

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The week before was the fashion week in Milan, which also left several trends that we can predict will stick in the rest of the year. Here we show you the ones that will be more fashionable so you can see that even if you cannot buy the clothes that the models are wearing, you can copy some styles that these fashion weeks have left us.



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They were seen as a subtle touch in some outfits, but also starring in others. The feathers are undoubtedly a trend of the season and will be used in the fall and winter of this year. They can be used very subtly to complement flat attire in the neck, wrists or waist; or they can also be the protagonists of a more risky look. Balmain and Cedric Charlier used them more of the first form in some of their articles of the collection of autumn whereas, in the clothes of Elie Saab and Koché, the feathers constituted the center of dresses and coats.





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That's right, it seems that animal and leafy textures are fashionable. In addition to the feathers, the stuffed animal has also returned. It was seen in bright and phosphorescent colors combined with metallic and geometric garments in the Byblos parade in Milan. It also returned most sober and pale tones in the collars of the coats that marched the muses of Karl Lagerfeld in the winter collection in Paris. This is a somewhat obvious trend for winter, but this season is much more marked and versatile when combined with other textures less typical of this season. They add elegance and comfort to any look.

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Leather on leather



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According to the Fashionista portal, in order to continue with animal fashions, this will be one of the most significant trends left by fashion week in Paris. It is not always animal leather, but other synthetic materials that give the texture of leather. The innovator of this trend is that it is composed of monochromatic combinations of the same material in different garments, one above the other in the same attire. Several firms made this proposal in their catwalks. Among them were the suits of Acne, Altuzarra, Balmain, Dior, and Drome.





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If anything was recurrent in the last Karl Lagerfeld show, it was the paintings. And not only the fabrics with tweed, but the paintings on paintings. In his last parade, Lagerfeld took an obvious cloth in a winter collection: the black and white squares and patterns and gave them a spin by putting them on top of each other. For example, Cara Delevigne paraded a coat jacket of a predominantly black pattern of very small plaid style paintings on a white jumper with large black squares. Thus, the designer combined in his latest collection for Channel, the same pattern in only two tones but alternating sizes in a very risky style that repeats the same figure on the canvas.


Futuristic geometry


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More in Milan than in Paris, the designers let their imagination fly with bright geometric outfits that gave a sense of futurism. Some in leather, some in metallic tones that sharpened the angles of futuristic geometry, all pointed to an air of science fiction film and interplanetary travel.

Some, like Byblos, softened this feeling by combining, as mentioned above, the angular garments with soft textures such as stuffed animals, feathers or fringes. Others, such as the suits and trench coats of Blumarine and Bottega Veneta, preferred to leave the angles marked on the shoulders and waist with textures such as leather or polished leather and in dark colors.


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