These are the women who won the Copa Libertadores

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These are the women who made their team the strongest and most competitive in Latin America

These are the women who won the Copa Libertadores

The women's team of Atlético Huila won the Copa Libertadores. Although this tournament does not receive the same attention that the Men's Cup receives, which was played on Sunday after many changes due to the violence suffered by the players of one of their teams, these women deserve equal applause for their feat. As we know, this triumph had a bitter taste, because the players did not receive the economic recognition that they deserved and that they correpondía to have won the title. However, what we can start doing is applauding them and giving them public recognition. It is time for us to recognize that these eleven athletes, like the River players, are also celebrities. Could you recognize them on the street? Would you ask them for an autograph and a photo? Here we tell you about them, so you can get to know them.

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Daniela Solera, the goalkeeper

She is one of the team leaders. Born in Costa Rica, this 21-year-old player told in a football interview that when she was a child and played with men, she played in front, a position in which she did not feel comfortable, given that men, to frighten her, were rude with her. According to El Tiempo, before playing professional soccer, the goalkeeper also excelled in swimming and athletics and has some medals that prove it. She has already played in the under 20 national team of Costa Rica. It was a key piece in the final of the Cup because it covered the fourth penalty of Santos of Brazil, the team against which they disputed the title.

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The defenses

On the one hand, we have Colombian talent. Among the defenses that played the final of the Libertadores is Gaby Santos, who plays in the position of central defense and bears the number 13 on the shirt. She was born in Lebanon, Tolima and is 25 years old. She has played for Colombia under 17 and under 20 and was with Atlético Huila when they were runners-up in the Aguila Women's League in 2017 and then when they reached the title in 2018. She is currently the captain of the team and was in charge of scoring the goal that led to a draw in the Copa Libertadores final.

On the other hand, the foreign quota in the defense is Argentina's Aldana Cometti. At 21, she has a long career in Argentine women's soccer: she has played at Atlético Excursionistas, Arsenal, Atlético Independiente, River Plate, Boca Juniors and Granda team in Spain. She has also played with the national team. With Boca Juniors she became champion and then she was a champion of the Women's League Águila with Atlético Huila.


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The laterals

On the wings is the best talent from Valle del Cauca, Colombia. On the one hand, Daniela Caracas, a native of Jamundí. With 21 years old she has already played in the Colombia National Team under 20 and older and her club has always been Atlético Huila. On the other si,de we have the most experienced player in the team. It's about Carmen Rodallega, 35 years old. This woman has been given the fight for women's soccer in the country. Play soccer since she was a child, the only girl on the court. According to El Tiempo, in its history, it has another Copa Libertadores, a World Cup and an Olympic Games. She is also licensed in sports, a crack!


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In the middle field

And in the second line four innate talents. Jennifer Peñalosa, a 33-year-old paisa who has played for the Colombia team and who wears the jersey with the number 9. There is also Fabiana Vallejos, a 33-year-old Argentine. Like his compatriot and colleague Cometti, Vallejos has also played with River, Boca and Granada from Spain. Was a champion with both Argentine teams and runner-up with the Spanish team. She also has a short career in Chilean football, playing with Everton and Cobreola clubs in this country. Darnelli Quintero also played this final in his wheel position. This 31-year-old from Cali has also played for the Colombia national team and the UCAB Spirit of Venezuela. Finally, in the midfield is another of the leaders of this team, Liana Salazar. This athlete was very important not only to obtain this title but also for the history of Colombian women's soccer, since she was champion with Santa Fe in the first female league in the country. At 26, the Bogota is one of the most respected soccer players in Colombia and has played in the United States and Finalndia.


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And plucking …

Finally, we have the two leaders who played the final against Santos from Brazil. On the one hand, Ysaura Viso, Venezuelan who at 25 years old is already a two-time champion of the Venezuelan Women's League, once in 2013 and once in 2015. She is nicknamed The Queen of the Goal. She has a career in Venezuelan teams and even in an Austrian team. In Colombia, she played first in the Magdalena Union and then came to Atlético Huila to be part of the best of the continent. And finally, the star: Yoleri Rincón. With 25 years old, she is perhaps the most internationally recognized Colombian footballer. She has played in Brazil, the United States, Italy, Norway and Sweden, where she was a national champion. In Colombia, she played for Patriotas. According to a profile of El Tiempo, this player started playing men's soccer in Flridablanca, because that was what it was. Now she has played four World Cups and two America Cups. In addition to all this, Rincón is the one who complained about the little recognition to the club after having taken the title. Thus, in addition to being a good player, Rincón is also a spokesperson and defender of women's football, because, as we can see, they have every right to demand what they deserve and to be treated like the celebrities they are, who, besides scoring goals, do not remain silent.



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