These were the 5 highest grossing movies of 2019

We gather here, with figures published by GQ, the five highest grossing films of this year.


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Although the box office is not always a reflection of the quality of the films, it is of its popularity. In this sense, it could be said that these, the highest grossing films according to GQ figures, are the most popular or commercially successful films this year.

If you have not seen any of them, run to see it, because it will surely come out in some conversation. Above all, and as always, superhero movies abound, which have already completely taken over the box office throne. The live acton adaptations of the Disney animated classics, a new category that would have generated many expectations at the end of last year, also follow them.

Finally, you will also find classic Disney and Pixar movies, as nothing fills more movie theaters than nostalgia. Here the favorite movies of the global public in 2019.

5. Toy Story 4

Total collection: $ 501,677,652 dollars

In the fifth place we find the fourth installment of the saga that proves that not all sequels are bad. Toy Story has shown the last 20 years that with good characters you can write a better and better story. It makes sense that it is on our list, since they are already fans of this series of films who were children during the first ones and current children. For all audiences!

4. Aladdin

Global collection: $ 876,797,981 dollars

Aladdin surprises a little on this list, because although there was expectation, perhaps all fell to the adaptation of The Lion King and the success may be due to the reincarnation of the genie of the lamp.

Excellently chosen for the role, the actor and rapper Will Smith promoted the film and paid homage with this new interpretation to the previous genie of the lamp, that of the animated film, performed by the great Robin Williams.

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3. The Lion King

Global collection: $ 1,655,366,855

One of Dinsey's most anticipated live action of the year. Attached to the original story that we saw in the animated classic, this film brought tears back to many and reactive the story we had seen before. With Beyoncé's song and the participation of current great stars like Donald Glover, The Lion King ranks third on our list.

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2. Captain Marvel

Global collection: $ 1.13 billion

First feature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe dedicated exclusively to a heroine woman. This is Captain Marvel, a risk that the study took and that faced criticism from old-school fans who prefer the male superhero.

This film proved that the new generations prefer this new type of heroin, who does not fall in love and faces those who made fun of her. It is no surprise that it is in second place on our list.

1. Avengers Endgame

Global collection: $ 2.69 billion

Perhaps the most anticipated movie of 2019 for being the last one that would bring together all the members of the Avengers team. Although it was the highest grossing of this year, it did not exceed the highest grossing film in history: Avatar.


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