This is what the FEP Left Us in 4 Days of ‘A Different World’

National and world-class artists reminded the public of the FEP for four days of the power that music has to transgress any limit.

Picnic Stereo Festival

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For the first time, the Estéreo Picnic Festival (FEP) ventured out with four days of music. The festival's growth has also served for national artists to have their best platform there, and in some cases, it is the beginning of a journey with many fruits along the way.


Unlike last year, rain and mud were frequent companions on at least three of the four days. On Thursday, there was a threat that everything could get complicated. When Juliana Velásquez, winner of the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist, got ready to introduce her show, everything suddenly stopped. With a hurried "I'll be back in a moment," she took refuge with her band 'backstage.' A faint rainbow witnessed how a couple of lightning bolts were lost in the Cundinamarque savannah, and for half an hour, everything stopped due to the threat of an electrical storm.

It was the only time the experience was in jeopardy. Since then, everything has gone from less to more. Thursday was the quintessential rock day with highlights at The 1975 and Cigarettes After Sex. Melanie Martínez perfectly fulfilled the motto of 'A Different World' with her appearance and stage presence. Everything was left as a prelude to the second time for Twenty-One Pilots, who passed their first FEP in 2019; they were left over and tried to fill the void of Blink-182. A cover of "All Small Things" and a tribute to Joe Arroyo was the duo's gift to their audience, possibly the best of the night.


It was the day with the most attendance. Drake, who had just received a rejection on social networks for what was done in Argentina and Chile, was a great attraction together with Rosalía. It was not enough for the Canadian to leave on time, have a better connection with the public, dedicate Whitney Houston's "Will Always Love You" to Bogotá, or give half a show without letting go of the Colombian flag. As in other countries, his performance was short on time and inventive. Although it satisfied some to have it, it was a great disappointment for most. Quite the opposite with Rosalía, to whom the stage assigned to her was too small. He performed his hits to tens of thousands with a rich stage presence.

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Lovers of the electronica and rap scenes mixed with witnessing two monumental milestones in the FEP. On the one hand, there was the debut of the Wu-Tang Clan in South America. It stood out for being the most diverse day. The lyric poured out by New Yorkers melted into a haze of smoke, leaps, and screams from an entire generation that grew up with each of their hymns.

On the other hand, The Chemical Brothers managed to close the main stage with one of the best stagings, surpassing what was seen in previous days of the festival and setting the bar very high for Sunday. The finale of his show for electronic lovers came with another legend, Armin Van Buuren.


Sunday's artists did justice to the high bar set by the British duo's presentation. Among the high points, Kali Uchis, who regretted canceling her show, permeated the stage with a mixture of sensuality in staging and elegance in interpretation. Meanwhile, no one was ready for Morat, who was no doubt serious about planning their hour-long show. The people of Bogotá gave themselves to their public, transforming its format and offering a lot of scenic richness with a unique visual proposal of a drone show, fireworks, and interaction with their people.

On Sunday, he continued to rise with Lil Nas X, undoubtedly the one with the best assembly for the stage. Her dancers and energy were the perfect preludes to Billie Eilish, leaving the complex responsibility to live up to it. Despite the cold and the altitude the singer complained about, her presentation was memorable and monumental from minimalism. It took little to have a perfect handling of the stage and audience. With Tokischa, Jamie XX, and Polo & Pan, the EFF fired a new edition.

To Improve

Among what needs to be improved, logistical issues must be taken into account due to the bathrooms' capacity and condition, especially security. Hundreds of attendees reported having been victims of robberies in different ways. It is also necessary to rethink evacuation exits and road logistics to avoid hours of traffic jams.

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