Time Capsule 2022: The Best Of The Year In The Entertainment Industry

This year was full of great events and artistic creations that marked music and cinema. This was the best of the year in the entertainment industry.

Still from 'The Squid Game', Bad Bunny, Harry Styles

Photos: Netflix, Bad Bunny, Harry Styles

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There is very little left for the end of this year. Many companies are closing their businesses, homes are decorated with Christmas decorations, and people prepare their gifts and their best clothes to receive the coming year.

In addition, many meet to talk about everything they experienced during the year since the world experienced great fortunate and unfortunate events. In the case of entertainment, there is a lot to remember. For this reason, we cannot say goodbye to 2022, without first talking about the great artists, the incredible awards from the film industry, and the series, and songs that will undoubtedly remain in our memory.

The 94th Academy Awards We Can't Forget

This edition of the Academy Awards in Hollywood not only left the public surprised by Will Smith's aggression against Chris Rock on stage.  

"CODA: Signs of the Heart" was the big winner at the Oscars. With wit and a fascinating sense of humor, this film emotionally involved us in the life of its protagonist and her family.

In the case of the best protagonists, the competition was quite close, since Javier Barden, Benedict Cumberbatch, Penélope Cruz, and Olivia Colman were some of the nominees. But Jessica Chastain in "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" and Will Smith in "The Williams Method" were the winners. This is thanks to his incredible performances in these films.

The Most Popular Series Of 2022

While Netflix remains the most experienced and successful streaming platform year after year, this was not its best year. However, despite the drop in his subscribers, this year he had a couple of hits that became hits.

In its overall Top, 10 is the riveting fictional thriller series "Stranger Things." Since, according to its statistics, the fourth season has accumulated 1,151,240,000 hours of reproduction worldwide. Also, fans of this series can't wait to see the fifth season that will arrive in 2024.

On the other hand, HBO Max, new to the streaming service, but not to audiovisual production, has one of the most desirable catalogs. “La casa del Dragón” broke viewer records with more than 10 million views.

The 2022 Golden Globe

During 2022, the television industry continued to grow thanks to powerful streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO exponentially. And the best of this industry is what awards the Golden Globe.

This was the case with the South Korean actor Oh Young-Soo. His secondary role in one of the most intriguing and successful series of 2022 known as "The Squid Game" turned out to be one of the "biggest surprises that took over the world and our imagination", according to the page of the renowned awards.

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This Was The Best Of The 2022 Grammy Awards

According to the Grammy Awards website, in the 64th edition of these awards, some events will go down in history, thanks to the incredible finery that stole the admiration of the spectators.

One of the most unforgettable presentations was that of the American singer Bruno Mars, who managed to win 3 out of 4 nominations. With this opening gala, the artist managed to fill the public with a lot of energy and joy.

The Celebrities Of 2022

Finally, in this compilation of the best of entertainment this year, Latino artists cannot be left behind; Well, in recent years they have had a tremendous impact around the world. And it is that the Spotify platform is not lying when it says that the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny has become the "most listened to singer and songwriter in the world". In honor of their great work, they turned the heart of Spotify into the red heart icon of their latest album, “Un Verano sin ti”.

On the other hand, this multimedia platform also stated that Harry Styles took the great triumph of having the most listened-to song of the year, with his theme: "As it was". It was a song that undoubtedly stole the hearts of the audience, and even other artists like the band "The Strokes" made their interpretation of this song.


There is no doubt that 2022 compiled unforgettable moments. Now, we hope that the entertainment industry will continue to brighten our lives in 2023.

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