Top 7 of Latin American films released in 2018

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We present the Latin American films that marked this year that ends and that we must remember over time

Top 7 of Latin American films released in 2018

The year is over and we begin to gather the best and the worst of what happened. Many of these things went through the big screen. The last few years have been great years for Latin American cinema, there is not a year left in which there is not a Latin American film nominated for the American Acdemia awards, and earlier this year South America won one: A fantastic woman, from Chile .

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This year we still do not know what will happen, but some of them already marked our hearts and received recognitions in international film festivals. We present seven Latin American films that left their mark this year so you can remember them or watch them if you haven't.

1. El ángel, Argentina

Directed by Luis Ortega, El ángel is set in 1971. It tells the story of Carlitos, a boy whose vocation is to be a thief. Carlitos meets Ramón at school and they both start living a life of crime.

It is inspired by the real story of Carlos Robledo Punch, the oldest prisoner in Argentine criminal history and famous criminal. It was selected to participate in the Fsetival of Cannes, but, according to the portal The Hidden Cinema, this caused a lot of controversy, partly because the same Robledo Punch from jail demanded to rewrite the script.

2. La familia, Venezuela

It was also selected for Cannes. It's really a collaboration between Venezuela, Chile, and Norway, so there are two Latin American countries in a movie. The film, however, revolves around the social situation that Venezuela is going through.

It tells the story of Andrés and Pedro, a father and a teenage son who must flee their city because of a situation in which they are involved and in which Pedro can get very badly off. It is directed by Gustavo Rondón Córdova.

3. Pájaros de verano, Colombia

The duo Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego are competing again for the Academy Awards. A little over a year ago, they were nominated (this time as a director and she as a producer) for the movie El abrazo de la serpiente.

This time, they bring Pájaros de verano, a film that tells the story of a Wayúu family in the times of the marimbera bonanza that gave rise to marijuana drug trafficking in the Sierra Nevada by the Wayúu and Kogui indigenous people.

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4. … Y de pronto el amanecer, Chile

This film, directed by the Chilean director Silvio Caiozzi, tells the story of a writer in Chilean Patagonia who returns to his native place after many years to reconnect with his acquaintances and realize in that reunion that these people are the characters of his literary work.

It has been a very good decade for Chilean cinema, which has received awards for films such as Una mujer fantástica or El club.

5. Las herederas, Paraguay

It is the first feature film by its director, Marcelo Martinessi, who has been directing and producing short films for some years. The film tells the story of three women: two separated by the circumstances of life and two who are known in these same circumstances.

It premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and won the Silver Bear. A clearly feminist film that celebrates female characters is here on our list.

6. Medea, Costa Rica

There could not be a director missing from our list. This is the Costa Rican Alexandra Latishev, who, like Martinessi, brought us this year his first feature films after leading a career composed of shorts.

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The film is full of strong female characters who rebel against a conservative Costa Rican society. The film revolves around its main character, María José, who experiences her sexual life freely until she meets Javier and tries to have a relationship, everything changes.

7. Roma, Mexico

Released just a few days ago, this movie stole many hearts. It won the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival and became the first web or streaming service movie to do so. It could not participate in Cannes for being a film made for the small screen and not the big screen.

This semibiographic film tells the story of a well-to-do family in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, more precisely it revolves around Cleo, the maid. We will see how the avatars that hit their bosses and their country will mix with Cleo's personal life and how she will deal with all this.

This is the list of Latin American best movies this year, watch them all!


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Translated from "Las 7 películas latinoamericanas que dejaron huella en 2018"

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