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5 simple ideas to apply in case of emergency

Sometimes, unexpected plans arise at night with your partner, friends or family and you are at work or just away from home; but you want to look good for the occasion and you don't know how to modify your daily makeup into an appropriate.

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We tell you five simple and fast ways in which you can give that change to your face in minutes, they are based on possible activities that you have proposed, although everything will depend on your tastes and personality.

1. A romantic dinner: if your partner calls you just before leaving work to give you a surprise or the person you like asks you if you are free to a date and your makeup makes you look sad and tired what you need is to apply red lipstick, highlighter and mascara.

Go to the mirror and apply illuminator on the cupid's arch (the cleft that goes above the lips) a little on the tip of the nose and on the lacrimal. Only with these three simple steps you will look vivacious.


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2. A few drinks: if suddenly they invite you for something to drink and you do not have time to go home, you need to touch up the makeup you bring. Apply a brown shadow in the basin and eyelids and blur it. Add a dark lipstick and blush. This combination will make you look enigmatic and sensual.


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3. Casual output: an invitation to eat or go to the movies does not require large production, seals the makeup that you bring and adds a golden satin shade or earthy color on the mobile eyelid, a light touch of the lipstick you always use and eyeliner. The brightness of the shadow will give light.

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4. A party: to look glamorous and prepared compiles the previous ideas. The first thing you should do is add illuminator in the same three points mentioned above, a satiny shadow in the mobile eyelid and in the account a coffee. A red or dark lipstick and a cat eye outline.


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You can replace the satin shadow with one with glitter.

5. Formal event: if you must attend a meal for work or a meeting where you need to look elegant and sober, you can add a clear shadow on the mobile eyelid (it can be beige, gold or cream), in the basin a darker (coffee, black, purple and even wine) a lipstick in nude tones and a little illuminator.

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Do not forget that the proposals start from the fact that you bring a very basic makeup (base, mascara and eyebrows ready, and even outline and illuminator if you usually add them in your day to day). Refresh your face with rose water for a better feeling, apply it from a centimeters from your face and dry it with powders.

An easy way to make rose water is to let the petals boil in water and strain them. The recommended thing is to prepare little and keep it in an atomizer. If you do not like the idea you can buy it in a pharmacy or health food store.


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