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Wearing makeup in summer can be a challenge, but it can also be fun. It's all about technique

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Gone are the blush that pretended to contour the shape of the face. The protruding lips of matte or glitter colors remained in what was a trend at the end of last year, perhaps clinging to the napkins of the restaurants or in the wine glasses.

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This summer the eyes are the protagonists and the shine shifts in the gaze where predominantly the use of shades ranging from roses to electric tones, the use of clear gloss on eyelids, bright applications around the eyes and false eyelashes.

But how to combine it? The use of eyeliner and shadows of all colors may sound very risky, so first of all it is important to take into account the occasion in which we will present ourselves with this type of makeup and, second, it is important to determine what kind of colors are the most suitable according to the shape and size of the eyes. Undoubtedly, this summer trend, according to the Marie Claire portal, is a matter of trial and error.

On the other hand, the natural tendency continues in the field, the skins look healthy and with some shine. We could see an example of this in past months at the Met Gala, where celebrities such as Taylor Hill and Emily Ratajkowski, bet on nude tones.

Blue is the rule

The blue sky marks the stop. In this type of makeup, the use of eyelash of the same color applied to the eyelids reigns and the combination is quite favorable for the brown eyes, this is what the make-up artist Maria Barrera confirms for the Woman Today portal, because she assures that these tones "contribute light and soften the look ". In the same way and considering how daring it can be to apply these tones, the use of black eyeliner is not recommended, because the result could be recharged. Likewise, and to contrast, some stylists suggest wearing it with a more cyberpunk hairstyle, maybe a high ponytail.

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On Wednesdays we were pink 

Eyelids in pink tones are the protagonists of this makeup that, with the help of something illuminating, blush and pink lip gloss, result in an ideal look for all kinds of occasions. According to the newspaper ABC Sevilla, "The key in this type of makeup will always be to achieve an impeccable, matte but radiant skin " that will be possible with the use of foundation, translucent powders and concealer.


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Although we have been seeing this trend since 2017, taking the colors out of the drawer and putting them in our eyes is the best way to join this movement that, according to the Elle España portal, "refers to freedom, festivals, abstract art and the clubs of yesterday and today." Thus, the defined strokes of the eyeliners give the look a touch of fearlessness that goes according to what could be called street style. 


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Graphic Neon

The shadows leave the eyelids and form a mask around the eyes. The limits are preferably defined by a template and neon shades such as red come back to the face along with powerful blushes that, according to makeup artist Norma Janeid on Instagram, inspire in the 80s.


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The evolution of the cat eye

This trend, which is becoming more and more intense on runways and red carpets, promises the exclusive use of an eyeliner that not only passes through the root of the eyelashes but can also compromise the eyelid. As stated by the Lancome portal, "in the world of graphic delineation there are no standards, the eyeliner is applied freely obtaining from a very subtle makeup to another very extreme", relegating cat eye as a classic tendency.


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Translated from "Transforma tu rostro de natural a colorido"

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