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Confinement is the ideal opportunity to enjoy the seventh art.

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In times of quarantine, we often lose our spirits to find activities that help us pass the time. And if that is your case and you are thinking of seeing some interesting movies, this post is the right one for you, since it is not only about spending time in front of the screen, but also feeling that we can embrace the fresh air and give ourselves a walk using our television as transportation.

Recent studies have determined that the so-called 'traveling gene' is a variation in a part of the human genome, specifically the one that encodes DRD4 7r, a dopamine receptor. This hormone is capable of producing pleasure in the decisions that provoke it, therefore, said alteration drives people to seek new experiences, including expeditions, Travesía Digital says. 

Based on the above, there are those who, in view of the quarantine, may feel limited, perhaps because they love to travel and now, definitely, they cannot.

However, if traveling is your thing, then you cannot miss the pleasant walk of sitting at home and watching the films presented below; and that, without a doubt, will make you appreciate beautiful landscapes and moving stories told through fantastic tours.

1-Togo (2019)

This film starring William Dafoe, tells the story of the sled dog, Togo, who led the serum race to Nome in 1925, but was considered by many to be too small or weak to carry such an intense journey. Based on real life it introduces us to the true hero of this famous race previously presented by Disney in cartoons, now in person. The film has been nominated by the Writers Union in the category for Best Original Screenplay.

2-A dog's way home (2019)

A beautiful dog will have to travel hundreds of kilometers in search of its owner through the wild region of Colorado. It is a familiar and entertaining story, which leaves an encouraging message.


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3-Green Book: A friendship without borders (2018)

This narrative is based on real life; recreated in the 1962 era, Tony Lip, a guard of Italian origin, is looking for a job and his nightclub is closed for renovations. It is there when Lip agrees to be the driver of the African American pianist Don Shirley for a tour through the southern United States. It is a fascinating story that shows us that skin color does not define people.

Peter Farrelly's film won the Best Film award in 2019, at the Oscars presentation of the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Sciences, while Mahershala Ali received recognition as Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the film.


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4-If only I could imagine (2018)

This is a story of faith and travel at the same time. It reflects a message of forgiveness and love, about the inspiring and unknown true story of the renowned song by the group MercyMe , which has made more than one cry.


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5-A dog's purpose (2017):

It is about a dog that seeks to discover what is its purpose in life through the course of several lives and various owners.

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6- A dog's purpose 2

The protagonist of the previous film is living the good life on the farm of its owner, Ethan. But as his departure time approaches, he makes a promise to Ethan to return and find his granddaughter to protect her , beginning his adventure through multiple lives full of love and friendship.

7-Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul(2017)

In a road trip to attend Grandma's 90th birthday, she is comically off course thanks to Greg's new plan to get to a video game convention . This will become an adventure that the Heffley family will never forget. It is a comedy that shows us what a disastrous vacation can be.

8-Always at your side, Hachiko(2009)

Based on a true story, it narrates the loyalty of an Akita breed dog named Hachiko. Nicknamed "Hachi," this dog accompanies his master, Parker, to the train station each morning to say goodbye to him, and then returns each afternoon to welcome him. But his routine is broken by misfortune.

9-Our last summer in Scotland (2015)

Doug and Abi have been traveling with their children on vacation. Surrounded by relatives, the children very innocently reveal the problems of their own family and many intimate matters of their parents.

10-Holidays (2015)

A man named Rusty tries to make his family more united so he takes his wife and children on a road trip across the country to Walley World, but along the way some things will get out of hand and his ideal plan will not go as expected.




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