Trends of the 50s and 60s in force over time

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Garments, accessories, and styles of the time that never went out of style

Trends of the 50s and 60s in force over time

It has always been believed that fashion is something temporary, a matter of some seasons, but there are some vintage outfits that even over the years has not forgotten. We show you 6 of the most used.

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As for makeup:

1. The red lips

This tone of lipstick went down in history thanks to the Hollywood stars of the time, who wore it with elegance and glamor. It was so famous in those decades that it became an indispensable part of makeup collections today.

Its different tones and textures can transform any look and bring you sensuality. This color is the ideal to make the transition from a day to night makeup; it is also perfect at any time of the year.


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2. The Cat eye

The most famous and much complicated or when performing makeup outlined was a trend between the 50s and 60s, according to what can be seen in films and photographs of the time, the ideal complement was crimson red lips.

Currently, this iconic way of makeup the eyes has had multiple variations: in different colors, with glitter or figures around, but the essence is maintained when making a classic look. The elongated shape of the cat's eye gives enigma to the look and can make your eyes look big and flashy.


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The accessories

3.A pearl necklace

Star fitted with different film as Grace Kelly, these gemstones also present in earrings or bracelets perfectly complemented the costumes of the era and contributed elegance. You will almost certainly find some accessory of this style in the grandmothers' closet.

The traditional pearl necklaces evolved, and materials that imitate them almost entirely appeared, now there are different ways to wear them, even the pearls arrived in hair clips.


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4. The flats

The low shoes were very used at the time, especially the heels with few centimeters, and although these returned, they did not remain in tendency with the step of the years. The styles that transcended in time were the ballet or flats; this super comfortable footwear is one of the basics in the female wardrobe. There are different shapes and colors, but they are always used when putting on casual attire.



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The clothes

5. Skirts and dresses below the knee

This cut was fashionable especially in the era of the '50s, artists like Marilyn Monroe used the style on multiple occasions. The garments of these measures have the advantage of providing formality and elegance to the looks. Whether in tube skirts or broader silhouettes, the length of the skirts and dresses never ceased to be used, now it is part of the essential and indispensable in the wardrobe.


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6. Cardigans or sweaters

The garment has been used over the decades, in the 50s and 60s was part of the fashion trends, mainly was used with dresses that gave a touch of sweetness to the outfits. Due to its versatility and comfort, sweaters have gone down in history as a timeless element.



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