Tributes and Memories Pour In for “Friends” Star Matthew Perry in New York

In the heart of New York's West Village, fans gather to honor the memory of Matthew Perry, one of the beloved stars of the iconic TV series "Friends." Perry's portrayal of the sarcastic Chandler Bing left an indelible mark, and his untimely passing has brought together admirers who fondly recall his humorous moments on the show, going flowers and messages of gratitude at the iconic "Friends" building in New York City.

Tribute for Matthew Perry

Photo: 10/29/2023.- Fans of the series Friends lay flowers outside the building where the main characters lived, today, in the West Village neighborhood of New York (USA). EFE/ Sarah Yáñez-richards


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Fans Pay Homage at New York Residence

At the foot of the facade of the New York building where the stars of the TV series "Friends" lived, there are flowers and letters in memory of actor Matthew Perry, one of the show's six prominent cast members, who was found lifeless in a hot tub at his Los Angeles home yesterday. Messages like "Thank you for endless laughter" and "Thank you for being our friend" can be seen among the tributes left by his admirers.

Fans Pay Homage at New York Residence

For a decade (1994-2004), Perry, who passed away at 54, portrayed Chandler Bing, a character brimming with sarcasm and a ready quip to make his friends – Ross, Joey, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe – laugh. "Chandler was my favorite of the guys," says 27-year-old Argentine tourist Rocío Leguizamon to EFE, who has been watching the series on a loop all her life and came to this spot in the West Village because she "loves Friends." Leguizamon doesn't hesitate to pick her favorite Perry dialogue from Friends: "There's a scene where he's with Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), and she tells him he's stupid, and Chandler responds, 'I'm sure I am, but why.' And that represents me.

Iconic Moments: Perry's Timeless Legacy

Meanwhile, Sushma Mall, a 22-year-old Indian settled in New York, says her favorite Perry moment is when he argues with his roommate, Matt LeBlanc (Joey), for arriving late at a formal event. "Joey puts on all the clothes Chandler has, starts working out, and says, 'Could I be wearing any more clothes?'" Mall recalls, adding that she has watched many Friends videos on social media since learning of Perry's passing. Mall mentions that she watched the series with her friends in India and has made video calls to many of them from the location.

At some point during the ten seasons, all the members of the group of friends – portrayed by David Schwimmer, LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow – lived in this building. Furthermore, New York was always prominently featured in the series: Phoebe (Kudrow) had a yellow taxi, Monica (Cox) worked at a famous restaurant in the Big Apple, and Ross (Schwimmer) was a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History.

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However, the over 200 episodes of the series were filmed in a Los Angeles studio. Even the fountain featured in the show's opening credits – often believed to be in Central Park – was specifically created for the series on a California soundstage.

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