“Tu historia”: The New Album by Julieta Venegas Full of Nostalgia and Hope

On November 11, the Mexican artist Julieta Venegas returned with the launch of her new album "Tu historia", which has already accumulated more than 50 million views .

Julieta Venegas in the video clip 'Your Story'

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Not only artists like Natalia Lafourcade took advantage of the pandemic to create and compose new melodies during the collective confinement due to COVID-19. The singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas also made the most of the days of isolation to write, one by one , the 10 songs that make up this new album, which is full of different acoustic and Mexican rhythms that sing of love, friendship, and reconciliation with the past. “I have always liked the pop song, with the marked drum machine and that combination with the accordion themes. I will always do that and on this album there is a lot of that, very Mexican songs,” Julieta said during an interview for the international agency based in Madrid EFE.

And it is that after seven years of his last album "Algo sucede", released in 2015, he noticed that he needed a quieter space, without so much effort to be able to compose calmly. “After that tour, which took me three years, I realized that I couldn't get into writing again to go on tour again. I needed to stop the machine and find another way to continue.

That was how Julieta, in the company of the Chilean singer, songwriter and producer Alex Anwandter, gave life to this wonderful album called “Tu historia”. The artist immersed herself in her solitude and in the melodies of the piano to compose each song that makes up this new album: “When I started writing the songs for this album, I was simply looking for a corner to disconnect for a few hours a day. We were barely at the beginning of the pandemic and at that moment music became the center of my days, playing the piano for several hours and little by little resuming a writing that I had paused for a while" said the statement for the independent company fastest growing music and technology company in Latin America known as Alafonte.

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Each song that makes up the new Venegas album tells a story. A story of melancholy, love, and resilience. This is the case of the song that bears the name of the album "Tu historia", because in this song, the Mexican singer tells how she recognizes her past and learns the most from each experience: "We must recognize our past as part of our history, I think that when you make your past part of your learning it enriches you. I was always a fighter from the past, but now I am more with the idea that that past has taught me and built me. Which is why I am who I am with everything, my successes and also my mistakes.

This is also the case of the song called “La nostalgia” , the fifth single from the album that already has a video, which was recently released exclusively for the social network Facebook. In this melody, with a very familiar and very ranchero tone, Julieta shares memories of her childhood with music and recognizes nostalgia as part of her life, embraces it and simply lets it flow within her: "You hadn't noticed, the nostalgia is still there. Live in you, hidden in your memory, the nostalgia is still there. Live in you, let her live because she is part of you” says the song.

These are the themes that make up the songs on the new album by the Mexican singer-songwriter. Julieta reflects on various facets of life, as in the case of the theme "Te encontré"; because there the artist meditates on love and the search for different kinds of love, which when she finally meets a passionate and magical connection is built: “Perhaps we are looking for something, someone, that makes us see life differently. Each of us has a side that connects with someone else's gaze. We keep looking. Maybe it's someone we can accompany, or who will accompany us. I like to think about that search, what it means," Venegas said in a livestream on YouTube on September 9, 2022.

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