Unpublished Works and Manuscripts by Argentine Writer Cortázar Sold at Auction

A buyer paid $42,120 for a manuscript of works, including seven unpublished stories, by famed Argentine writer Julio Cortázar at an auction in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo.

Julio Cortazar

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At an auction held in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, a purchaser from Argentina acquired a collection of works, which included seven previously unreleased stories, written by the renowned Argentine author Julio Cortázar, for a sum of $42,120.

A Coveted Collection

These texts, written by Cortázar (1914-1984) on 60 pages, one page per sheet, were probably the most expensive acquisition of the auction, where 199 pieces of art, including engravings, antique maps, books, historical objects, and photographs, were offered for sale, starting from just a few dollars.

The auction occurred in person at the Zorrilla auction house in downtown Montevideo, Uruguay. Still, it was also conducted online, through platforms like Invaluable from the United States and Drouot from France.

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The Cortázar collection was in "very good condition," consisting of 35 stories that "with some variations were part of the first edition of 'Historia de cronopios y de famas' published in Buenos Aires in 1962; four that were published in literary magazines while Cortázar was alive; and another seven previously unpublished stories," explained Roberto Vega, director of the Argentine antique house Hilario, to Télam.

The Unpublished Chronicles

The unpublished stories include "Inventory," "Letter from one cronopio to another cronopio," "Automatic Butterflies," "Travels and Dreams," "Diminutive Unicorn," "Mirror's Rage," and "King of the Sea."

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