We All Need a Good Dose of Awareness at Some Point

She states: Did you know that according to Piaget, children between 3 and 6 months become aware of the effect that their communication has on the immediate environment and that each of the actions or omissions of those around them depends on the construction of their confidence?

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"Communicating is a child's thing" is a book that emerges as a result of a decade of adventures of its author, Paula Rincón, in the universe of the development of ConCiencia of communication, where each moment, experience, and learning materializes in a publication that looks more like a big game board than a literary work conventional.

During her journey in Think & Talk, training and accompanying hundreds of leaders, the author identified behaviors, fears, shortcomings, and characteristics that make a difference when making ideas shine. and creatively and experiential she transformed this tour into a toolbox that will allow to fathers and mothers to work with their children in one of the key components of this competence: trust.

If what we want – as adults responsible for raising children – is to give our children valuable tools for their future, it is necessary to care, develop and strengthen their voice so that it is a powerful resource that allows us to respond to the multiple challenges that arise with the passage of years," says Paula.

According to her analysis, strengthening children's voices is something that was initially achieved if the adults responsible for their upbringing manage to eliminate the barriers functional, cultural, and social that we put in the way because these are those that limit aspects such as creativity, spontaneity, and naturalness, essential ingredients of the security necessary to transmit ideas.

Paula became obsessed with designing and making available to each read a book that integrates knowledge with practice and where each of the tools that she designed allows adults to activate their Awareness of communication.

This obsession led her to work with her team to integrate dialogue and joint construction between adults and children in such a way that both parties receive resources to strengthen their communication process, which later will consolidate the necessary skills for social, academic, and professional of their children.

Each reader will find more than 50 activities accompanied by tools that facilitate the transition from expectation to action, as well as access to a space of Spanish-speaking community, articles, downloads, and conversations where together with Paula they will explore the tools, data, analysis, and publications associated with the development of trust.

All of these resources will be hosted on www.thinkandtalk.co the lab that allows people to trigger the unique ability to fall in love with ideas. All time talks about how powerful it is to give our children tools suitable for life, now is the time to accept the invitation that makes us the author and accompany them on a path that allows them to develop capacities, learn together what is needed to achieve dreams, guide them to solve challenges give voice to her ideas, and above all believe more and more in our processes of upbringing and them.

More Information and orders of the book that will be launched on November 26: www.thinkandtalk.co  contacto@thinkandtalk.co  +57 350 4797352

Editorial note: Paula also writes for The Woman Post. Her profile https://www.thewomanpost.com/author/paula/


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