What are the Different Versions of Batman that we will see soon in the Cinema?

It is confirmed that Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton and Robert Pattinson will assume the role of Batman in upcoming film productions. Are these different versions of The Dark Knight related?.

Still from the movie 'Batman'

If you are a lover of this hero and you want to know what these productions are, what is the relationship that these versions of the character have with each other, and when you will be able to see them in the cinema, then in this article we will explain it to you in detail. Photo: YT-Warner Bros. Pictures

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Since his first appearance on March 30, 1939, Batman has been one of the most popular characters in the superheros world. Today he is an indisputable reference in pop culture. We have seen this superhero appear in comics, video games, television series and in various film productions .

There have been several actors who have embodied this DC Comics hero on the big screen. Some of these are Michael Keaton , who under the direction of Tim Burton assumed the role of the superheore in "Batman" (1989) and "Batman Returns" (1992). In "Batman Forever" (1995) Val Kilmer would be in charge of assuming the role of Gotham's vigilante. George Clooney would also become this DC character in "Batman and Robin" (1997) , a film that neither critics nor fans liked much. In more recent years, Christian Bale was commissioned to play a more current and realistic variant of Batman in "Batman Begins" (2005) , the first installment of the successful and acclaimed trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan.

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Every time Batman appears in a movie, he immediately captures the attention of the public, which is always eager to learn about the new adventures of this hero. For this reason, this character promises to have a long future in the cinema. In fact, different productions are currently being prepared in which the vigilante will appear .

If you are a lover of this hero and you want to know what these productions are, what is the relationship between these versions of the character, and when you will be able to see them in the cinema… in this article we explain it to you in detail.

Ben Affleck's Batman in the DCEU

In 2013, "Man of Steel" was released, a film that begins the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and was inspired by characters from DC comics. The actor chosen to play The Dark Knight in this universe was Ben Affleck, whom we saw for the first time as Batman in "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" (2016). This same actor would repeat the role in "Justice League" (2017). After this, some rumors arose that indicated that the actor left the mantle of the bat man and would not appear more in productions of the DCEU. However, months ago his participation in "The Flash", a film focused on the fast superheroe, and in which it seems that Batman will have a significant role was confirmed .

Not many details about the movie have been revealed yet, nor what the exact role of Batman will be in this story. What we know about this film is that it is directed by the Argentine Andy Muschietti, with the cast of Ezra Miller as the Flash, and that it will show us how Barry Allen will use his powers to return to the past and save his mother, a fact that will cause serious alterations in the present.

The film is currently in filming and is scheduled for release on November 4, 2022 .

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Michael Keaton's Batman in "The Flash"

Another of the great surprises of "The Flash" is the confirmation of the return of Michael Keaton as Batman , who, after 30 years, returns to assume the role of Gotham's vigilante.

Apparently this production is inspired by the comic "Flashpoint", in which the red velocist uses his abilities to go back in time, generating unexpected consequences, such as the appearance of alternative versions of various characters . It is believed that in this way the version of Batman played by Keaton would be introduced within the DCEU. This news also ensures that we will see in the same tape Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton playing two variants of Batman.

Robert Pattinson in "The Batman"

In the year 2022, a never-before-seen Batman hits theaters. Robert Pattinson will be responsible for wearing the suit in a film that will be independent of the DCEU and that, according to the statements of its director Matt Reeves ("Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"), promises to show us a face of the character little scanned on the big screen.

According to Reeves, in this installment we will see a Batman who only has two years in his role as a night watchman. The film will seek to show the detective side of Batman, an aspect quite exploited in the cartoons, but which has not had the same space in the cinema.

In the trailer we can see that the film will have a darker and more violent tone than the installments of the character in the DCEU. It seems that the film will seek to offer a proposal different from what has been seen so far .

In addition to Pattinson, in this film we will find Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone and Paul Dano as Enigm a.

Its premiere is expected on March 4, 2022 .

As can be seen, Batman is a character who can take on multiple faces and offer a variety of storylines. Only by 2022 we will have three versions of it in cinema and it is certain that in the future we will know more variations of it.

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