What Can We Expect From “Midnights”, Taylor Swift’s New Album?

Last Sunday, in her acceptance speech at the VMAs, the singer announced a new album: "Midnights". Here's what we can expect from Taylor Swift's new album.

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Last Sunday, August 28, was a night of celebration for music lovers from the city of New Jersey, where the biggest icons of today's music gathered for a new edition of the MTV Music Video Awards. Among the great performances and presentations of the most beloved artists in the world, one of the most relevant surprises was the announcement of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift's tenth studio album, entitled "Midnights". It will be available worldwide in the fall of this year.

Taylor, one of the biggest voices in the industry today, showed up to the awards ceremony nominated in five different categories. She won the award for best video of the year, best direction and best long-form video, all for the short film “All Too Well: The Short Film”, directed by herself. This audiovisual work belongs to the re-recording of his album "Red".

Taylor Swift's stellar night didn't stop with the awards. During the acceptance speech for winning the award for best video of the year, she announced his new album, which will be released on October 21 and is now available for pre-sale. In statements made on social networks, Taylor describes "Midnights" as a collection of tracks written in the middle of the night and that compiles "a journey through terrors and sweet dreams".

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Expectations of "Midnights"

Following the artist's argument with her previous label over the master versions of songs recorded for her previous albums, it was expected that Swift's next release would be a re-recording of some of her previous work. This would be the third of the six that she has planned and would follow up on “Fearless” and “Red”, which were published in 2021. Finally, she has made the publication of her tenth studio project official, her first since 2020 when she released “Evermore ”. Totally unexpected news for the singer's followers, but very well received.

Although a first single has not been released to promote the album, Taylor is expected to keep the line of the folk genre similar to “Folklore” and “Evermore”, although it is anticipated that it could be a mix of pop and more melodic rock. However, doubts will dissipate when the first single is officially released, but after the announcement of the album, she has not made any mention about the first look at her new project.

It is necessary to point out that, in recent albums, the singer-songwriter has made reference to midnight in multiple songs, so the inspiration that the middle of the night has caused in the American for the elaboration of her work to be published is evident. A concept that guarantees tracks loaded with melancholic and hopeful lyrics, just as she anticipates in the official statement published on her social networks.

What is known about the album?

Nothing is known about the content of the album, beyond the fact that it is available for advance purchase on the artist's official site. Although the global release date is known, the release date of the first single has not been announced to give the public the first taste of the project.

In addition, Taylor has shown the official album cover and the number of tracks included, thirteen in total. The album can be purchased, in addition to its digital versions, in physical formats such as CD, vinyl and cassette. However, the names of the songs have not been revealed in the publication and would be gradually announced with the publication of singles. As usual, the reveal of the titles will take place when the album is soon to be released to increase the already high level of expectation.

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