What to Watch on Halloween?: 4 Horror Movies of 2022 that you Cannot Miss

What to Watch on Halloween? One of the Best Plans to Celebrate in October is to See Horror Movies, here we Recommend 4 Productions for you to Enjoy this Month..

Still from the productions 'Barbarian' and 'Bodies Bodies Bodies'

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October is here and with it the spooky season. Halloween is one of the busiest days of the year around the world and has a preamble throughout the month that makes its arrival even more exciting. Between that preamble, one of the most popular traditions is to watch horror movies. Some see one every day, others, one every week, and there are those who do a marathon on Halloween.

Whether you're going to do one or the other, or you're just looking to see something new that will make your hair stand on end, here we recommend 4 horror movies that you can't miss this month. They were all released this year, so they are good options to see something new.


Tess (Georgina Campbell) and Keith (Bill Skarsgard) meet when they both rent the same house in an abandoned neighborhood in Detroit with a post-apocalyptic appearance and in which, apparently, only a homeless man lives who insists that Tess needs to leave the house. Tess, despite not feeling comfortable, decides to share the rent.

After the first night, Tess begins to notice strange things around the house and is trapped in the basement, where she discovers clues that heinous crimes have been committed.

This film, written and directed by Zach Cregger, manages to bring the typical scares of the 80s and 90s, and give them an unexpected twist, which leaves the viewer with their mouths open. In addition, it has a just humorous touch that accentuates the terror, terror that also uses the mention of political elements such as #MeToo or the Reagan era, not for reflective purposes, but merely aesthetic.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies”

What is one of the most loved and used genres of Hollywood horror? That's right, the slasher. Attractive teenagers being chased and killed one by one by a mysterious masked man in a house they cannot leave is a classic.

Here, the story is about a group of rich young people who are trapped in a mansion in the middle of a hurricane. The energy goes out and to pass the time they decide to play “Bodies Bodies Bodies”. However, as the night wears on, they find the body of one of their friends and must find out who the killer is.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies”, by director Halina Reijn, takes the slasher genre that became so popular in the 1990s and brings it to Generation Z. Broadly speaking, this film is no different from other slashers, but it has a promising cast among which the performances of Rachel Anne Sennott, Amandla Stenberg and Maria Bakalova stand out. In addition, its production company is A24, recognized for its films with high-quality cinematography.

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Jordan Peele does it again. The acclaimed director of “Get Out” and “Us” is back with a film that leaves the viewer in awe and with many questions. It is about two brothers who, after the mysterious death of their father, notice that something strange happens in the open sky of their ranch every Friday at sunset: an alien entity threatens them.

Now, one thinks of aliens and horror and imagines something like “Alien” or even “Signs”. But Peele takes the alien theme and turns it on its head. The film explores horror from a side story that criticizes the entertainment industry, and seamlessly connects it with the main plot, which, arguably, revolutionizes the way cinema develops and explores aliens.

Account in the cast with Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya, who manage to interpret the roles of the protagonists far from being heroes of history.


We leave you the best recommendation for the last. This film written and directed by Alex Garland, also director of "Ex-Machina", follows Harper Marlowe (the fantastic Jesse Buckley) when she decides to go on vacation to a small English town after the death of her husband. But what she wanted to be some time off turns into her worst nightmare when the men in town, who all have the same face (Rory Kinnear), start to disturb her.

Garland manages to enter the psyche of his viewers thanks to his moments of suspense, but also by dealing with one of the themes that we can most identify in the West: the dichotomy between man and woman due to the tradition of Adam and Eve.

The cinematography is beautiful and goes very well with the sound and the remarkable performances of the actors.

These are our recommendations, what was your favorite horror this year?

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