What Will the Second Season of “The Last of Us” Bring Us?

With its recent finale, "The Last of Us" became the first big hit on television and streaming in 2023. The adaptation of its second season is already on the way, although it could be more complex than many believe.

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It would not be unreasonable to ensure that the season finale of "The Last of Us" has reached (and perhaps exceeded) 9 million viewers, the numbers have not stopped increasing. In the absence of official confirmation from Warner Bros Discovery, the adaptation of the video game developed by Naughty Dog has broken all records in the history of HBO and its streaming platform, something that makes its second season one of the most anticipated. Worldwide.

The last episode left us with an emotional hole that we won't be able to fill for several months. In the first few minutes, we witnessed Ellie's birth and the origin of her immunity to Cordyceps. But the most important point fell on the paternal bond that Joel has developed, to the point of placing her well-being above a possible cure for humanity. Now, with a hard lie ahead of them, both protagonists will seek some peace in a remote town in Wyoming.

Uncertain future

How can a successful series have an ambitious and uncertain second season on its hands at the same time? The answer lies in the plot of the video game itself. For those who don't know yet, the time that elapses between the two parts of "The Last of Us" is 5 to 7 years, something that the producers will have to handle carefully to add all the changes that are required in the adaptation. Hence, ambition and high expectations remain high among the audience, while the other side of the coin forces a necessary casting process and search for new locations.

With this in mind, the question arises as to when the second season could be released. It should be remembered that the series was renewed after the second episode aired, and a few weeks later the actor Pedro Pascal told Collider that filming would begin at the end of 2023. So, it would not be until the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025 when it would possibly return "The Last of Us". However, it may even be delayed until 2026 if the producers decide to adapt the entire second part of the video game to have a third season early.

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A longer and more complicated story

Craig Mazin, creator of the series, has assured in several interviews that they intend to adapt the entire second part of the video game, and in fact that could take many more episodes than expected. At this point the complexity of the original story enters, since it does so from a point of view contrary to the one we were accustomed to in the first season. The second part of "The Last of Us" presents two sides of the same coin, whose narrative will be a challenge to adapt to the series without losing the sense of history.

Here a new batch of characters will come into play that will be decisive for the plot, and that is why the casting process will be the key to everything so that the series is up to par again. Just remember the connection that characters like Tess, Bill, Frank, Sam, and Henry made with the audience, who with a few minutes on screen did a lot for history. So from now on keep in mind the names of Dina, Abby, Lev and Owen, whose different actions will make them weighty protagonists.

So what does the second season of "The Last of Us" have in store for us? As mentioned at the beginning, the plot takes another long jump in time, and after the events of the last episode we will see how Ellie and Joel settle in a city of survivors. But the tranquility will come to an end when a violent event occurs that will mark the fate of both protagonists. Certainly, there is a large percentage of fans who know what is about to happen, and after statements in interviews by another of the creators of the series, Neil Druckmann, there are no intentions of telling any story beyond that of the video game.

Given this, another of the complexities appears that will perhaps give us something to talk about over time: Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Why doubt its continuity after such a great performance? The 19-year-old actress was in the shoes of a 14-year-old teenager, so her physique will not change, and that may be a problem. In the second part of the video game, Ellie's physical change is evident, not to mention that she will have risk scenes due to the high content of violence that she will experience. But the truth of the matter is that, barring a risky bet from the producers, Ramsey will continue as the main character.

In short, the existentialist drama that surrounds the story of Ellie and Joel intelligently manifests the survival of the human being in chaotic times. The second season of "The Last of Us" will be marked by difficult decisions and moments of greater anguish, which will leave the viewer with a love / hate feeling. That, without a doubt, will be an indication that the parties have done a great job.

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