What you did not know about the new royal baby

Meghan Marckle and Prince Harry have officially announced that they are expecting a child. We bring you some facts about motherhood in royalty

What you did not know about the new real baby

In the spring, another royal baby will be born! On Monday, Kensington Palace officially announced that their highnesses the Dukes of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, are expecting a child.

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This news is announced five months after the celebration of the royal wedding in May of this year that took place at Windsor Castle. According to the New York Times, this wedding meant a change of image for the royal family, because "[Meghan] brought elements to the royal family that would have been unthinkable until not long ago: she is American, she used to act, biracial, divorced and she describes herself as a feminist, and her union has brought a more accessible, modern and inclusive image to the family".

What will mean the birth of this new baby? Here we bring you some curious facts about Meghan's motherhood and the new royal baby.



The seventh in the succession line

The British throne is inherited according to the line of male succession. The heir to the throne will always be the firstborn of the current king or queen. In this sense, the baby of Meghan and Harry will be the seventh in this line, preceded by Charles, Prince of Wales, first-born of Queen Elizabeth II and father of Harry

  • William, Duke of Cambridge, Harry's older brother and son of Charles
  • The three children of William, in order: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis
  • Finally, Prince Harry, his father

Thus, it is a curiosity that at this time the titles of William's three young children (Louis is just a few months old) are of a higher rank than that of his uncle Harry. Depending on who inherits the throne, the line of succession will follow its descendants.


Neither Prince nor Princess

According to the New York Times, a decree of 1917 imposed by King George V, establishes that only the male grandson major by the male line of succession of the sovereign may have the title of Prince, the other grandchildren may not be called this way.

In this sense, only the first son of Prince William would really be a prince. However, in 2012, two years before the birth of Princess Charlotte, the Queen decided to reform this decree so that her other grandchildren, sons of William, could also be called princes.

This would not apply to the children of Meghan and Harry, since they do not belong to the direct line of succession to the throne. Therefore, while we are expecting a new royal baby, we are not waiting for a new prince.



Una publicación compartida de Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) el


Meghan will attend around 76 royalty events during her pregnancy

Yes, she will! Being pregnant and being of royalty is not the luxury that it seems. While the Duchess of Sussex will have all the necessary care and will be served by the court, pregnancy does not excuse her from attending events.

At this time, the dukes are in Australia at the celebration of the Invictus Games, a sporting event founded in 2014 by Prince Harry for military veterans who are in some state of disability or postwar wounds.

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His wife accompanies him at the opening and celebration of these games and then continue his tour of Australia. Among the events they will attend there are visits to Australian indigenous peoples, the 45th anniversary celebration of the Sydney Opera House, visit the Sydney Zoo to learn about Australian ecosystems, and meetings with indigenous Isla leaders Fraser, east of Australia. During these events, the future mother will have to deal with the press and the fans, who will surely attend these events after the happy news.


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The first biracial royal baby

Very little background there is in the royal family similar to the union of Harry and Meghan. The scandal of Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, who tried on several occasions to marry Colonel Townsend, an exemplary military officer and faithful servant of the Royal House, was famous.

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However, this union was impossible and prohibited both by the Crown and by Parliament because the colonel was divorced. At this time, Princess Margaret had exactly the same title as Harry, as both are children of King and brothers of the heir to the throne.

This scandal occurred during the 1950s. Now, half a century later, Prince Harry had the privilege with which his great aunt did not count, that I can never marry Colonel Townsend, since he married the first divorcee in enter to be part of the royal family.



Princess Margaret and Group Captain Townsend. #TheCrown

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Thus, the union between Harry and Meghan and now the birth of his son or daughter will mean the first time for the royal family in many ways. This will be the first child of double origin in the royal family, since it will be British-American. In addition, it will be Meghan's son, who is divorced (which is something unprecedented in the Rreal House) and biracial. His mother is a black woman originally from Cleveland.

The new baby will have diversity in its ancestry and will bring new dynamics to the Royal Family.

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