What you should know about flamenco

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Here we tell you wonderful things you should know about this art

What you should know about flamenco

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It is necessary to understand flamenco as an art expression that occurs in two artistic variants: dance and music. Its beginnings are in Spain, its cradle is the region of Andalusia, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, as published by the Red 2000 website. This art has many influences from different cultures, which is to be expected as they passed through this region many civilizations.

The gypsy influence is evident if one analyzes the dance and the music of this artistic expression because it has many points in common with the dances and sounds coming from different Asian regions from where the gypsies come from. It is important to know that this has had an evolution, as it happens in the majority of the artistic aspects, and continues to evolve.

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As it is published by the Red 2000 website, by the media and the way in which everything is crossing borders, it is no longer possible to affirm that flamenco is classified as an exclusive artistic expression of Andalusia, just as it can not be said that jazz It's music exclusively from New Orleans.

The above, because in Andalusia you can find shows of the purest and most classical flamenco performed by a dancer from Japan accompanied by a guitarist of Italian origin, while all over the world, great Andalusian artists present themselves taking this art to different and important stages.


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Why is it called Flamenco?

As published by the Palau Dalmases portal, there are several theories regarding the origin of its name. One of them comes from the Andalusian expression "fellah min gueir ard", which means "peasant without land". It is also coined the name to which first artists of the genre remembered, for their stretched appearance, birds with pink plumage. And the third is that the gypsies, who were the main authors of this, were known as flamencos in the region of Andalusia.


According to the Red 2000 portal, this genre would have two groups or styles within it:

-Flamenco Jondo: Which is characterized by expressing deep feelings and sometimes tragic. Sorrows, love, and disappointment are some of the topics covered in this style.

-Flamenco Festero: This is characterized by being a more cheerful style. As its name says, it that represents the holidays and celebrations in Andalusia. The topics discussed in this one are more cheerful.


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There are several artists who stand out in flamenco. Each one develops in a different specialty, such as guitar, singing, and dancing. Perhaps one of the most internationally recognized is Diego "El Cigala", who with his talent has come to perform in different stages of the world.


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