What’s new on Netflix for March

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These are the premieres that are coming for March on the Netflix streaming platform

What's new on Netflix for March

We bring you the list of contents that come to Netflix's Mexico and Latin America catalog. From sports documentaries to comedy series, as well as romantic comedies, they have everything. Here a list for all tastes.

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Premiere: March 1

Synopsis: Two best friends risk their careers and marriages by launching a wild bachelor planning business in Hungary.

If you are into European cinema, this French comedy will cheer you up. These are two friends who will start an endeavor that seems impossible: bachelor parties in Hungary. They will have to go through obstacles that will be funny to watch.


Northern Rescue

Premiere: March 1

Synopsis: After his wife's death, search and rescue commander John West moves with his three children to his hometown on Turtle Island Bay.

It is a coming-of-age series produced by CBC, but exclusive to Netflix. A family will be faced with changing their lives after losing their mother. Father and children move to an aquarium in a quiet town and everyone will have to deal with their pain.


The boy who harnessed the wind

Premiere: March 1

Synopsis: A boy is inspired by a science fiction book to create a windmill that will save his Malawi village from hunger. Based on the true story of William Kamkwamba.

This biographical drama is based on William Kamkwamba's self-titled bestseller about how he engineered a windmill in a dry season in his village.


Losers: Collection 1

Premiere: March 1

Synopsis: In a society where winning is everything, how do we face failure? This series describes the athletes who have turned the agony of defeat into a triumph.

This original Netflix docuseries, then, will revolve around sport. It collects eight stories of eight losing athletes who knew how to take advantage of the defeat. It has interviews with sports professionals, interspersed with animations, to reflect on failure in the sports world and in our modern society.


The Order

Premiere: March 7

Synopsis: To avenge his mother's death, a university student joins a secret order and ends up in the middle of a war between werewolves and black magic practitioners.

It is the new original Netflix youth series. A young man who enters the university inquires about the secret order, a kind of lodge to which he is invited to learn magic with the help of a girl he will fall in love with.


Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Premiere: March 8

Synopsis: Drivers, representatives and team owners live at top speed on and off the track in this ruthless first season of Formula 1 racing.

This is another original Netflix documentary series that explores the adrenaline rush that invades the track of cars in a Formula 1 race. Thus, it studies not only runners but their families and their technical team to give an image of what is lived on the track and outside of it.

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Premiere: March 8

Synopsis: Life and love are problems for a single mother of three children and adults who decides to improvise a trip to Montana in search of peace and hope.

This film turns around Juanita, a single mother who seems to live for others: for her children, her work and her lover. So she decides to take a radical turn in his life and embarks on a road trip to Montana. There she will discover herself, make new friends and find, perhaps, a new profession.


These are the main Netflix originals that will be released in the first days of March, but new content will also come to the catalog. Here a list of some of them:

They premiere on March 1:

Escobar: the betrayal

Cricket fever: Mumbai Indians, season 1

Love Actually

Living with my ex


A perfect crime

Loyal: there is only one way to live

Johnny English

Mask 2: the son of the mask

The fugitive

The new Cinderella

The Feds

Time against

Mad Max

River's Edge

Lost in Space

The strength of value

The Witness

LEGO League of Justice: Cosmic Battle


Premiere on March 2:

Atlanta, season 2


Premiere on March 4:

The Dawn Wall

There is only one mother


Premiere on March 5:


The Hard Way


Premiere on March 6:

Secret City, season 2


Premiere on March 8:

Miss J

War of vampires, season 1

Shadow, season 1

Megalo Box, season 1


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