Where are the readers?

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The use of technology has become a part of our everyday life but is it having a negative effect on readers?

Where are the readers?
There are new initiatives that seek to motivate children, in general, to read more books and participate in activities related to learning. Being part of plays or interacting with storytellers is also a good way to steer the youth towards paperback book. Such is the case of "Caleta de Libros", an activity created by the Cultural Corporation Creamundos on the beaches of Chile.
This year, the third phase of this project was a success. According to Fabián Retamal, president of the Cultural Corporation Creamundos, “[we are] satisfied with the fact that this year the stands for reading and loaning books have consolidated an intensive and comprehensive program of workshops and activities of various artistic and cultural disciplines. Beneficiaries on the other side and allows us to project a ‘Caleta de Libros’ as true Cultural Centers on the beach ".
Peru is not far behind from this initiative. The “House of Peruvian Literature” (Casa de la Literatura Peruana) organizes activities that encourage reading. An example would be the Grandparents Program of Storytelling. They visit schools and reading spaces in the search to motivate children to put their tablets down and enjoy a book.
According to the Report of the International Program for the Evaluation of Students, better known as PISA Report carried out by the OECD, shows that there is a deficiency in reading comprehension within the Latin American region.  
For this reason, various organizations feel the importance to cultivate the love for books within the younger crowds. Kids who are passionate about reading might show an increment in imagination. Fortunately, it is not a habit that should be segregated to kids but it also presents great benefits for adults of all ages, as well.
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