Which are the best platforms to find art online?

In a globalized world, traditional galleries have become a resource for online sellers, because the internet is where it’s at

What are the best platforms to find art online?

By 2018, it is no secret that artists look to online platforms to exploit their work. Be it an Instagram account, a Tumblr blog, or a Facebook page, social media has taken a primary spot in the contemporary art scene. As a consequence, galleries and sellers have decided to take up on the online market, and there are platforms where you can purchase art from all over the world. There are also fresh proposals where artists can showcase their work, and where interested users, who may not have much experience in the matter, can learn about art history and appreciation.

In a sea of platforms, what are the best ones?

1. Latam Art:

LatinAmerican Post’s sibling platform, latamart.com, is a space for emerging Latin American artists who want to showcase their work. Our in house curator chooses our top artists and writes a brief review on their works. Art lovers will be able to find fresh works and contact the artist directly, if they wish to purchase something. We are currently working on making our site optimal for artists and art lovers, so please, sign up and send us your feedback!

2. Artetrade Colombia:

Another website focused on emerging Latin American artists, more specifically Colombian ones, this platform promises to be a “gallery without walls”. It looks to show the common citizen ways in which they can incorporate art in their daily lives, without the necessity of being a connoisseur or an established collector. In their site you will find all sorts of art forms, from paintings to books, and in a wide range of prices. There is definitely something for everyone.

3. Artsy:

This website is a lot more on the informative side, with high quality analysis of the online art market, profiles on established and emerging artists, and all sorts of resources for artists, collectors, and people interested in learning about art.

4. Widewalls:

Here you will find a highly relevant database of contemporary artists, with “valuable information on 9000 contemporary, modern and street artists, spanning across all mediums and art genres”. It also has a magazine, a gallery network with galleries from different cities, a platform to buy and sell art, and an auction site for contemporary art. It mostly focuses on art from the United States and Europe.

5. Artspace:

This website is designed primarily for the purchase of art. Artspace partners with galleries from all over the world, including some from Sao Paulo, Mexico City, and Bogotá, and acts as an online medium for purchasing. As stated in their website, their mission is to “make it easy for you to discover and collect fine art from renowned artists, galleries, and cultural institutions worldwide”.

In general, the goal seems to be to make art available to everyone with an Internet connection. Which of these options do you prefer?


LatinAmerican Post | Laura Rocha Rueda

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