Who is the model who inspired the new Barbie with Down syndrome?

A 21-year-old who has broken stereotypes in the world of modeling and beauty is the new inspiration for Mattel, the company that created the latest Barbie with Down syndrome.

Ayda María Martínez Ipuz

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The model is Ellie Goldstein, who has already made milestones in the field of inclusion from her own experience and has drawn the world's attention to the need to offer opportunities to people with Down syndrome in various economic activities and professions, where everyone should be treated equally.

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Goldstein, who was born in Ilford, Essex, England, has gained prominence in recent days thanks to the creation of the iconic doll: "I'm here for the first Barbie with Down syndrome that looks like me and is beautiful, and I love it," she expressed through her social media.

"She looks glamorous, beautiful, pretty, loved, and is perfect like me, and I am perfect like her," she said in a video posted on Instagram, where she emphasized that "children will be able to play with the doll and learn that we are all different."

Since she was 15, she took on the challenge of finding a place in the world of modeling and beauty and has come to redefine it. She will surely transform other scenarios since she wants to continue demonstrating, from her studies in performing arts, that limits are imposed by others, and she has dismantled all the schemes that keep differences hidden.

Goldstein has already made history in the past. At 18, she was the first model with Down syndrome on the cover of Vogue magazine, where she stated that an extra chromosome will not be an obstacle to achieving her dream of being famous. In addition, she was chosen by Gucci Beauty, the prestigious brand's beauty line, as the face of its L'Obscure mascara collection.

Since 2017, Goldstein has been part of the Zebedee Management agency, which specializes in the inclusion of minorities in the media, allowing her to make visible those who have learning difficulties, disabilities, or non-binary gender identities.

The agency has shown that the public is ready for diversity in advertising. Yvonne Goldstein, Ellie's mother, has commented to some media outlets that it is a change that took a long time to arrive.

"The response we've seen just shows us that the world is ready to embrace diversity and inclusion. And with everything that's going on, we need more positive outlooks," she said.


The truth is that the outgoing young woman has demonstrated through her actions that all sectors can be transformed, including the world of fashion, through campaigns for companies such as Nike, Vodafone, or Primark, and with her appearance on the covers of the most prestigious women's magazines.

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