Women make the Most Followed and Shared Podcast in Spanish

Ashley Frankie and Lety Sahagún are the creators of "Se Regalan Dudas," one of the most successful podcasts of Latin America.

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Defined by media as "badass women," both entrepreneurs scored significant wins in such top categories as the most followed and shared podcast at the Spotify Awards. Their podcast Instagram account has 747 thousand followers while their YouTube Channel has more than 36 thousand listeners per episode. As it names suggests, "Se Regalan Dudas" (Doubts Are Given) opens a new space to talk about all kind of topics related to the human being nature and its vulnerability.

The Woman Post reunited with Ashley and Lety to know more about their work.

The Woman Post: What is the best way to connect with people from the heart?

Ashley Frangie: Opening your heart and sharing your story. Many times we feel isolated because we think that our story is only happening to us, and nobody else is going to understand it. However, that's not true. When you share your account, you realize that more people identify with what you are feeling and living.

TWP: What is most rewarding for you about this project?

AF: I think we have created a space where we can doubt and try to find those answers that we have always tried to reach for. We are still open to help through our content. The most rewarding part is our community.

TWP: Something funny that has happened while you were recording?

AF: Technological challenges for us have filled all this quarantine. For example, an issue with Lety's Wi-Fi that doesn't let our guest see her or the time that we were interviewing Guillermo Arriaga (a Mexican director best known for his screenplay for The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, which received the 2005 Cannes Best Screenplay Award), and my laptop collapsed, and I felt so ashamed to ask him to stop talking to restart my computer.

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TWP: Which has been the most challenging topic at a personal level that you have worked on?

AF: The self-love topic and how Lety has hidden in perfectionism and me in not knowing how to set boundaries. When we talk about this in some chapters, we feel that it is personally challenging for us. Another intense episode to record was the one about sexual abuse since our guest was sharing her story for the first time, and that experience impacted us.

TWP: What has this project brought to both of you?

AF: A sense of life to both, "Se Regalan Dudas" has made us find the reason for our existence in this project and in serving the community.

TWP: Ashley, how do you see your vision as an artist and photographer reflected in "Se Regalan Dudas"?

AF: As a photographer, I learned to find beauty in everything. In any project that I work on, I can always find something beautiful in it.

TWP: Lety, how do you promote inner peace and healing with this podcast?

Lety Sahagún: I think the way to promote inner peace and healing is to start with yourself.We should not be afraid of knowing our history, and we should not be scared to see those little things that we sometimes keep in a drawer for fear of feeling them. It is essential to try to handle all our emotions with honor and accept the story that makes us who we are. From that place comes true healing and transformation.

TWP: As empowered and successful women, what advice do you give to women that want to start their own business?

AF: I would tell them: do it! You don't need to be perfect or compare yourself with anyone, you know? A lot of times, we see successful projects, and we forget that once they were little. We started our podcast without a name and with branding that someone did for us. At that time, there were only two of us, and nowadays, we are more prominent. My advice is to start!

TWP: Congratulations on your Spotify Awards nominations and wins, any comments about it?

AF: Thank you! We feel so grateful to Spotify to trust us from the beginning. We are thankful as well for being the most followed and shared podcast; we have a beautiful community. We won 2 awards out of the four that we were nominated.

TWP: What is the purpose of "Se Regalan Dudas" and why people that don't know it should listen to it?

AF: I think the purpose of "Se Regalan Dudas" is to create spaces where you can question everything: your beliefs, the way you live, the way you love, the way you perceive the things you purpose and find answers with a landed and inclusive language that explains and that is relevant for all people. For those who do not listen to us, I think there are super cool tools within our podcast that can serve them, and the stories of many people were having also told. I think we try to talk about self-love and prophesy mental health so that it can serve people, so those who do not know us, I would invite them to listen to us and possibly find a valuable tool.

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